Saturday, 12 September 2015


Sei-Chan: After what seems like weeks of sunshine, we woke up to grey skies and the prospect of rain today, so we decided to sleep in. We had almost forgotten how nice that feels. #1 and Tommy eventually got up to go out and they said hello to The Traveller who was lurking under a bush. He no longer runs away as soon as she gets cose, but he is still a "no touch" zone. He looks well, though!

Anyway, back to me! Here I am enjoying a sunpuddle earlier this week on one of the kitchen chairs:

This is me hanging out in the spare bedroom. I really like it on the bed there, and #1 kept seeing this:

So she put a little blankie there, just for me!

#1 always tells me that I have a really cute profile...

I hope you have a lovely SEIturday, whether it is raining or the sun in shining.


  1. We certainly could use some rain here! Happy SEIturday!

  2. Your mom is right, your profile is beautiful in the sunshine ! Happy Caturday ! Purrs

  3. I agree, you look terrific in that sunpuddle! Those rainpuddles are not much fun at all.

  4. You look so adorable on your blankie Sei. We're just mad about your kitty cheeks in your profile photo.
    It is very good to know the Little Traveller has decided to stay close by. With winter comming, he couldn't find a more hospitable spot than Poupounette Central.

  5. Sei-Chan, you are such a beauty. You also appear to be an expert on finding comfy places to relax. We wish you a lovely SEIterday too!

  6. It is good of #1 to give you such a pretty blanket.

  7. Lovely pictures Sei-Chan! That blankie #1 put down for you is so comfy. All your photos are my favorite. I laughed at the picture where you're posing and partially sitting down like a person! Plus, the one where you are staring out the window is so intense. You're obviously good looking and smart. Have a "super duper" SEIturday!

  8. We bet you were very thankful for that pretty blanket that #1 gave you. Yes, you do have a sweet profile, Sei-Chan, but you are so pretty from all angles.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. You have a lovely profile Sei. I am glad you have had good sunny weather. We have had a mostly cold and wet summer.

  10. You look gorgeous. You always do! I have wondered about the Traveller. Mommy found out this afternoon what is wrong with me when my Dr called. A bad UTI.

  11. Very thoughtful of #1 to put a blankie on the bed for you :)
    We have had some clouds and rain this weekend too.
    We still had fun.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  12. Ours just got a little lovelier after seeing you!

  13. A cute profile and an adorbs paw pose too! Snugling and sleeping in on a SEIturday sounds PAWsome!

  14. Tu as un très joli profil dans le soleil Sei. Un peu comme le mien.
    C'est super bien les chambres non occupées avec un plaid confortable. Je suis bien d'accord. Profites en bien.
    On est toutes super contentes de savoir que le Voyageur va bien et se laisse un peu approcher.

  15. Lovely profile picture Sei ❤
    We had grreat weather in Sweden to last week monday - friday then the grey weather came.



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