Sunday, 27 September 2015

Scant Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: I think you have the idea, don't you? The madness has been such that #1's indoor photo-taking has been very scant indeed this past week. So, this week's SoS post is very curtailed.

We do have this one of Tomaso getting mega-cuddles from Sofia's Mum:

And here is Da Genj snuggling with #1:

Tommy and Da Beebs:

The Big V getting a cuddle from Uncle E:

And Sofia's Mum took this nice photo of #1 snuggling with Violette just after her bath:

And that's all, folks! Happy Snuggling!


  1. I will be snuggling with judges today! I have to tell you, my breeder has the most darling little Aby kitten she is showing - and yesterday was her first ever show! She is a really special beauty and although she only finaled in one ring... she got BEST kitten! My human is in love with her already, but she will be part of my breeder's program, so she is keeping her.

  2. Happy snuggly Sunday Tama-Chan! I love all the photos. Da Beebs with Tommy is so adorable. Of course I'm very fond of Violette snuggling with #1. Everyone is so friendly and seems to get along. That's one rich household! Keep on snuggling!

  3. Great photos of snuggles ! What a happy household ! Purrs

  4. La tête inspirée de Genji ....
    Tommy tu es le roi du monde. Toujours le centre des attentions. Elle n'est pas jalouse ta copine ?
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  5. Wonderful snuggling pics and we saw a great pic of V and #1 on Facebook!

  6. Lovely snuggles for all of you!

  7. Those sure look like some very special and happy snuggles!


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