Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wednesday Winner & Woofies

Tommy: We rolled the dice yesterday to determine who would be getting the photo exhibition catalogue from Tama-Chan's birthday and the winner is FLYNN! Congratulations to you, Flynn, and your Mum, Jackie.

Fernant's family came back from holiday as planned yesterday afternoon and he is happy to have them home although his Mum says he looks a little sad at not having his favourite playmate there all the time. We thought we would share these two photos taken here on Monday evening:

He is pretty crazy but he is a good buddy:

Here is the official souvenir portrait of this session of Camp Tommy:

#1 saw these when she was out shopping in a different pet store from the usual this week:

My birthday is coming up soon...


  1. Does that mean you're getting pizza? We love pizza here as well but only for human beans :)

  2. OMC, I think even a kitty would love that pizza! Yum!

  3. We think some woofie will be getting pawsome treats for his birthday.
    Bet you miss Fernant a little bit too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Thank you for rolling the dice and me winning the catalogue. My mum is very excited to win it and is looking forward to it arriving. She said don't worry about being busy. She understands and will enjoy the catalogue when you have more time to send it.
    Tommy I can see what a great time you and Fernant had together. That is a lovely portrait of both of you.

  5. A birthday pizza ? How cool ! Lucky you, Tommy ! Concatulations to Flynn ! Purrs

  6. Hooray for Flynn and hooray for that pizza thing!

  7. Yay Flynn! And yes, I think kittehs should be allowed to sample the pizza as well ... I'm sure Da Beebs thinks the same thing!


  8. Tommy, it is so nice that you and Fernant get along so well. You have to invite him to your party and we sure hope you get pizza!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. Oh My Cod! Cinnamon wants her OWN pizza now!
    She LOVES all the pictures of Tommy and Fernant! That couch photo of Tommy is priceless!

  10. I really enjoyed the pictures of Tommy and Fernant! They're so cute together. I like how they sleep on their backs with the legs up in the air. So funny! What is that pizza thing though? Have a great day everybody!

  11. ConCATulations to Flynn !
    The official souvenir portrait of this session of Camp Tommy looks really grreat :)
    Dog Pizza ?? Did they have any Cat Pizza ??
    Keep my paws crossed you will get one for your birthday :)


  12. I hope Fernant will be invited to your party xxoo

  13. Hurrah for Flynnie!
    Fernant is such a madman but we love him anyway. And we've always been over the moon for Basha.
    What a treat to have neighbors you enjoy.

  14. Wow, that pizza looks really tasty! Congrats to Flynn!

  15. Pas facile de quitter son meilleur copain, mais l'occasion de vous revoir va revenir très vite.
    Courage les chiens.
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat


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