Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wednesday Whinnies With Violette

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone! I don't even know where to start. I had the most incredible few days that anyhorse could ever have, and I would like to share the experience with those of you who enjoy us horsies. So, please sit back and scroll down!

Last Friday, we had a final fitting of the Japanese festival ornaments in a magnificent setting, the medieval castle in our town. Here I am with #1, all decked out in my finery:

Here is a close-up of us:

Here we are coming out of the main gate of the castle, on the bridge over the moat:

And here with the entire team, and the other horse, beautiful Vodka and her foal, Fanta:

And a portrait of me:

The next day, Saturday, was the day of the actual festival. It was held at Ecomusée du Perche, our local museum of traditional arts and culture. Here, to start with, is a pic of the Japanese guys getting me ready:

This next one is one of #1's favourites because she says it conveys all the joy in this festival:

In the original festival in Japan, the horses are almost all ridden by children. #1 was truly happy to invite the grandson of one of the first friends she made in Japan to ride me. Little Kotaro, who is five, is cute as a button!

He was a little bit scared at first but he quickly realised that I would be nice to him and he relaxed! He had never been on a horse before!

Here is a shot of both horses and all participants in front of the priory (dating from the 11th to 13th centuries):

And this was the view the public saw as we approached them, to the sound of the many, many bells we horses were wearing:

#1 says this next picture probably shows how she felt best of all!

And here is just one more for you:

I hope you enjoyed sharing this experience with me!


  1. What a magnificent event, Violette! I bet #1 is so proud of you!

  2. what fun....every one looks very festive

  3. Oh WOW! This is so very cool! Mommy sure wishes she could have been there to see it up close and personal as she has been totally fascinated by all the preparations.
    (and Mommy)

  4. Wow, just beautiful. Violette, your finery is amazing and you look so regal in it. Young Kitaro looks so tiny on Violette's back, you really get a sense of how big a percheron is. Congratulations to #1 for coordinating such a magnificent event. Brava, to both of the ladies. And thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures with us.

  5. What a wonderful experience for all who participated, and for us, who did so vicariously. Violette is stunning, and the joy on your face captures it all! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  6. What a lovely event! Violette, you were such a wonderful girl, as always. Young Kotaro is such a brave fellow having never been on a horse before.
    We are sure all of the visitors to the event enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

  7. I love all the pictures! Everyone was smiling and having a great time! Violette, you were absolutely stunning! #1is so proud of you. You're a good girl with a great disposition. I couldn't believe that little 5yr. old was on your back. Wow! What fun! A lot of great memories for #1!

  8. Violette, we are just thrilled to see this post. We were so hoping to see more photos of you and your big day with #1. You both look just fabulous.Your costume is so exquisite, love all the bright colors and decorations. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning and Mom

  9. Waouh ! Thank you for sharing these beautiful moments of the festival! The decorations are splendid!

  10. We sure loved seeing all of those wonderful photos!!!

  11. L'important c'est d'avoir partagé un moment spéciale.
    Je présume que tout cet attirail a une signification spéciale.
    Violette est d'un calme impressionnant.

  12. You look so beautiful in all your finery Violette and you were so good on yours and #1's big day. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures.

  13. You looked beautiful in all that gear and of course you were a gentle lady all the way. Glad it all went so well.

  14. Violette you look so lovely and you did really well in the festival.
    No wonder #1 is so proud of you!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  15. What a fantastic experience. Violette, you and your human look fantastic in your costumes. In fact, you both are down right gorgeous. What fun you must have had. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

  16. Violette you look so beautiful in all your finery. It looks like #1 had as much fun as you did. The colors of the costumes are so brilliant. They seem to jump out to you. Glad the festival was fun for all the guest enjoyed themselves. Have a wonderful day!!!

  17. Wow, Violette! You are beautiful!!

  18. Looks like you and #1 had a marvelous time!

  19. Oh so xtra beutiful you was in the japanese outfit , Violette !
    You can see both you and #1 had a grreat time !


  20. You're gorgeous, Violette ! It looks like you and #1 had great and happy time ! Purrs


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