Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wednesday Whinnies and Welcome Home!

Violette: Pretty Neighs Everyone! I wanted to show you the new shoes that I got last week! I know that #1 mentioned that I would be getting them but we haven't yet shown you actual photos. For the last several months, I have had special shoes with bars to help distribute the weight more evenly on my feet. Now, I am back to regular shoes, but they are fitted differently so that they also achieve the same effect of easing the pressure on my ligaments.

Here is the farrier fitting the new shoe. As you can see, it is set a little back on my hoof

So, it gives me my foot a rather elegant, rounded aspect!

Getting a final finish!

They feel nice and light on my feet after those heavy ones I had before:

Tommy: Today is the day that #1 and I are heading home and we are hoping for quite a welcome from The Chans. But I know I am going to miss those boys and vice versa.

I hope I get to see them again soon!


  1. We like your new shoes Vidock.
    Your feet look good :)
    Tommy, we can only imagine the fun you had with 4 young ,active boys!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Violette, I'm so happy that you have graduated to more stylish shoes, and I'm sure you are too! Tommy, you have as much fun traveling around as I do!

  3. A girl should have shows that are elegant as well as useful. Tommy, we know you had ssuch fun at the beach. We're sure The Chans are waiting for eagerly.

  4. Nice looking shoes , Violette and I bet the Chans will be furry happy to see #1 and Tommy :)


  5. Looking very smart Violette. We hope you are more comfortable now.
    The Chans will be overjoyed to see their #1 and dear Tommy, without a doubt.

  6. Oh Violette! Such wonderful shoes! Mes knows yous will be dancing up a storm in them and Tommy, boys and dogs goes together like cereal and mild!

  7. Violette, I love your new shoes! I'm watching this show on tv where the horse lives in the house and eats meals at the dinner table with the rest of the family! He's also house broken. Wouldn't you like that Violette? I'm sure #1 would accommodate you. Anyway, I'm sure the Chans are glad #1 and Tommy are home. Enjoy your reunion and have a happy Wednesday!

  8. All ladies like new shoes Violette, and you look lovely in your new lighter ones.

  9. We love your new shoes, Violette, and we're glad you're back from special shoes to stylish lighter shoes that are useful and comfy as well ! We be the Chans will be very happy to see you and #1 again, Tommy ! Purrs

  10. Violette, you are so lucky to have #1 and your farrier to take such good care of you - we hope your new shoes do well by you.

    Tommy, those are four very handsome boys - bet you were treated like a king!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. Your shoes are gaw-gous
    Lily & Edward

  12. Violette you sure have a lovely pedicure. We hope the new shoes continue to help you feel great.

  13. Violette, your new shoes are very stylish! And we were admiring the graceful arch of your neck in that last shot.


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