Saturday, 8 August 2015


Sei-Chan: In the midst of the madness, my requirements are simple: loving scritches from #1 and superb photos to show off on my day. That isn't too much to ask, is it?

Now there has been a rumour going around that I am a scaredy cat. There was that episode in which #1 could not catch me to go and get my boosters (still don't have them...), but something rather amazing happened this week. #1 had noticed my nails really needed trimming and was wondering how to go about catching me. Then she saw me snoozing by the window in the kitchen. She went to get the clippers and there, with no stress or fuss, she trimmed all my nails!

Look how lovely my toesies looked afterwards!

And here I am, lying in the very spot where the trimming took place:

Occasionally, there is interesting traffic in that spot...

But, ultimately, there is nothing better than a lovely snooze on a comfy zabuton!



  1. My human tries to catch Binga when she's dozing to do her nails... but NOT because she's a scared little thing, MOL! It's because she wants to keep her appendages.

  2. If only San can do that with Bujang. Your toes are cute and beautiful.

  3. Those look like some pretty happy toesies!

  4. Your toesies do look great. Happy World Cat Day! Hope you get some treats.

  5. Sei Chan. I'm so proud of you! Now you have nice pretty nails. I love all your pictures. You seem very content and happy. Have a good Sei-turday!

  6. Tes petits pieds sont très jolis Sei.
    Nous ici on connait pas ça les coupes griffes. Mais c'est normal parce qu'on va dehors. Pas besoin de manucure.
    Nat à Chat elle dit que la seule solution pour tes vaccins c'est de faire venir un veto chez toi. Mais bon les piqures c'est pas génial.
    J'aime bien la photo avec la queue de l'envahisseur qui te passe sous le nez. On ne te voit pas souvent avec l'air de vouloir jouer.

  7. You're so brave ! We're proud of you, and you can be proud of your pretty toesies ! Purrs

  8. That's a good girl, Sei - always best to cooperate with #1 and then you will be sure to get those scritches and beautiful photos, just like today!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  9. You are very good to cooperate Sei. I am good to have my claws clipped too, especially considering last year was the first time I had ever had it done.

  10. Sei, we think it's totally appropriate that YOUR day is World Cat Day too!

  11. Mom always takes me to the pedicure lady.
    They like to see me coming.
    Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. You are one of my favorite spots to visit.


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