Thursday, 9 April 2015

Thei-Chan on Thursday

Thei-Chan:  #1 is leaving us early afternoon, and we hope all will be OK as the French air traffic controllers are on strike. This should not affect lonh-haul but one never knows.

Just like my sister Tama last Thursday, I believe in taking opportunities when they present themselves. Who knows what will happen on Saturday? I have done it before and I am once again returning to "Thei-Dom" to appropriate the Thursday post. 'Tho There!

Most importantly, I have made sure that I go with #1 wherever she goes by thoroughly marking her laptop:

The rest of the time, I have been resting up in my favourite beddie under the skylight in the study, because it will clearly be exhausting not to have #1 around and I need to prepare.

Safe travel, #1. We will purr, woof and neigh for safe landings. Our commenting is likely to be patchy over the coming few days. Please bear with us!


  1. I wish #1 safe travels too! My human and I are traveling to a cat show this weekend - it's going to be at least an hour's driving time in southern California traffic! Not exactly as big a deal as #1's journey, MOL!

  2. Yes, please travel safely #1, we'll be missing you too!

  3. Great job marking your scent on #1's laptop. Make sure to put extra fur, too :-)
    We wish a safe and fun travel for her!

  4. She better hurry home
    Lily & Edward

  5. We are here to wish #1 the very safest travel and a wonderful time. As for all of you, we know you are well cared for, but you will be missing #1 too. We hope time flies.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. We wish #1 a safe trip too ! Purrs

  7. On vient pas toujours faute de temps. Et puis on fait un peu comme vous. On saute des billets.
    Mais comme c'est toi Sei, je suis venue faire un petit coucou.
    Tu as bien raison de faire un billet quand tu veux. Le Jeudi te va très bien.
    Tes activités me conviennent très bien. Le calme, pas d'agitation, des siestes. C'est parfait.
    On espère que le voyage se passera bien.

  8. We wish #1 a super safe journey. We know you guys would miss her lots but before you know it she would be back ...with goodies.

  9. Mommy and I wish #1 the best of journey and a happy time while there. She will miss you just as badly as you miss her, I know. xoxo


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