Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sad SEIturday

Sei-Chan: Things were already looking a little not good when we heard yesterday that one of our dear, dear friends, Sibe Phantom, had  left for North of the Rainbow Bridge (the special place for his people). Phantom was a totally awesome woofie and when he turned 16 last November, there was much celebration. He had a number of health issues, however, and he finally made his journey on Thursday. Run Free, Phantom, now young again in body as well as spirit, and enjoy being reunited with Dakota and Thunder who both left far too soon.

So, I am once again the bearer of the bad news. I don't know who it is who decided I would play Cassandra as a repeat role... You know our #1 has a predilection for travel and, as we have mentioned, she is about to outdo herself. She is leaving for Japan on Thursday of next week and will not be back until May 3rd. She then leaves again, for England, from May 7th to 10th. And then, she is off to Canada from June 4th to 29th. Can you believe this? We have calculated that this means she will be gone 60% of the time in the three months of April, May and June.

As for us, well we do have a nice lady, Ms. M, arriving on Monday who has promised to look after us and spoil us. And for June, #1 is currently finalising arrangements with some very nice people who would come all the way from Australia to look after us! #1 says she is not happy about this mad schedule but circumstances have forced it on her and we all just have to deal with it. We will make every effort to continue blogging during all that time, and it may be more travelogue than about us at times, but please bear with us!

As for me, I have tried to keep tabs on #1's arrangements:

But I confess that I am finding that new hammick really very pleasant...

The weather is finally supposed to clear up today after lots of rain yesterday, Paws crossed. We will be spending this weekend making the most of #1 being here with us.


  1. That is a LOT of traveling #1 is doing! But she really does make sure you all are well taken care of in her absence. I do want to say, I hope she brings home a big bunch of international treats to compensate!

  2. Despite #1's travels, I know that she will be thinking of you all during this time and carrying you in her heart. Safe travels #1 (and I'd love to read a bit about your travels, especially Japan)!

  3. # 1 will be having a very busy time. We hoe she brings you guys goodies from Japan. We hear they simply love their cats.

  4. Well, being spoiled for all that travel time might turn out to be a fun thing!

  5. That sure is a lot of time away for #1. We hope she has a good time on all her adventures and we hope you all get spoiled a lot while she is gone.

  6. We agree with Summer. While #1 will be away a long time with all that travel, we hope she brings you all some really neat treats!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  7. Wow ! Your mom is travelling more in three months than Mum in ten years ! We hope she has good time, we know she makes sure nice catsitters take good care of you in her absence. Purrs

  8. You kittehz seem to be taking the news of all this travel very well. We hope #1 has very uneventful traveling and we'll send some purrs for safe travels for her.

  9. Wow! What a schedule! Mey mommy would LOVES to does some traveling to foreign lands

  10. Wow!! That's a lot of traveling # 1 is doing. I'm glad she has good kitty and doggie sitters planned for all of you. At least she has that priority right. Here's hopping she brings all of you good presents home from her travels. Happy Easter

  11. We are so sorry to hear about your friend Phantom. Purrs to his family.

    Sounds like #1 is traveling a lot! I wonder which part of Japan she is visiting. I hope she will share stories after coming back :-)

  12. Ca fait vraiment beaucoup d'absences ça. Mais c'est la vie. Il y a des humains comme ça qui ont la bougeotte.
    Heureusement que vous êtes 5 comme ça c'est moins triste.
    Et puis c'est sure, les gens qui vont venir ils vont bien s'occuper de vous.
    Profites bien de ton hamac Sei.
    Hisia et Loustiquette

  13. #1 will be doing a lot of travelling, but I know she will miss all of you. I hope she brings you home lots of lovely goodies.

  14. Wow #1 will be gone and very far away.


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