Monday, 6 April 2015

Manly Monday

Tommy: Yes, #1 is indeed leaving us in a few days but the sun is shining and we have decided to enjoy her as much as we can whilst she is still here. With the good weather, she and I have been on some great walks!

And here is a nice portrait from a few days ago when there was a lot of morning dew:

Vidock: I am still with Uncle E and Ms. S. According to Uncle E, "the sap is rising" and I am full into my "spring misbehaving" mode... Well, maybe it's because I haven't been working this past week so I have energy to burn!


Genji: As #1 has been busy tidying up the house for the arrival of our sitter today, I have been very busy helping her...

Bathroom furnishings can get totally out of control if one doesn't supervise properly!

And beds don't get made alone...

 But there is always time for a sunbath of course!

Da Beebs: I have been spending time in the run now that it's sunny again. Don't I look like a mighty hunter?

Look how my coat gleams in the sunpuddle!

Here is this week's portrait of little Ebène (for those who missed the story, he is Violette's little brother):

Our buddy, The Traveller, comes and goes and is as shy as ever. #1 will make sure he continues to be fed whilst she is gone. Here is the best shot we've been'able to get of him recently:

 Last but not least, our neighbour Basha would like to send this to the lovely Loustiquette, with many purrs:

Wishing you all a great week!


  1. How nice to see ALL of you today!

  2. That was a pawsome Manly post today ;)
    Vidock, we bet you have some fun while you are being idle.Humans call it mischief ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. You have it right. Have fun while #1 is here and make her work extra hard at giving you snuggles. :)

  4. We think she will return with lots of goodies
    Lily & Edward

  5. Hi there! Nice to see you all in a good shape and very active! Here, the sun is back too and I become very active too. Purrs to you all!

  6. Glad to see everyone's enjoying the sun! It's really sunny here today too! :)

  7. We're so glad to see you! We've started missing you already!!!

  8. Hisia : Je vois que chez toi aussi il faut dompter les sauvages tapis de salle de bain Genji. Moi je fais ça tous les soirs.
    Bibi toi tu as l'air de faire des trucs beaucoup plus sérieux comme ... dompter les brins d'herbe..
    Loustiquette : Vous êtes tous beaux les garçons.
    Mais je suis là surtout pour te faire un coucou et t'envoyer plein de ronrons Basha. Moi c'est toi que je trouve le plus beau.

  9. It looks like a great day at The Pouponette - enjoy all the time you can get with #1.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. I know that all of you will be missing #1, but I hope she has a wonderful time on her travels. Get the snuggles while you still can because May is a long way away.

  11. That was a very nice manly post from all of you.

  12. What a great and manly post! Mes loves it! Except yous leaves mes all fainty and breathless!

  13. Happy Manly Monday to you all.

  14. Glad to see you all have some sun to enjoy ! You did a great helping job, Genji ! Purrs

  15. Everyone s looking SO good and mommy and I are grateful that Traveler is being cared for, even while #1 is gone.


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