Sunday, 8 March 2015

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: One week ago, I was concerned that we would not have a good enough line-up for our SoS post but in the end we did pretty well. And now,  a week later, I find myself in the rather difficult situation of trying to explain the absence of some once again.

Basically, Sei-Chan and I do a lot of snuggling with Tommy, as you know. Even though all of us get on well with "Tank" Fernant, his presence here has affected that aspect of our lives because if we try to snuggle with Tommy, he will just leap into the midst of it. As you know, Sei-Chan in particular is very shy and she has been avoiding direct contact with him. I on the other paw, have a certain soft spot for him, so here I am snuggling with him instead:

Here is my Beebs spending a snuggly evening sitting on #1's lap:

And Da Genj doing the same:

 And another one of Da Genj and #1:

Da Genj is frightened of nothing so here is a group snuggle with the woofie boys:

And Tommy snuggled up to #1:

#1 did get a really good snuggle shot with Miss Violette as Mr. C agreed to do the honours:

Those two really love to snuggle, don't they?

No Big V snuggle shots either this week. Sorry about that. We will try to do better next week. In the interim, we will close today with a sweet photo of our friend, The Traveler. We love this shot because he seems all relaxed and happy in his sunpuddle:


  1. Happy snuggle SUNday :)
    Purrfect snuggle pictures as aleay's !


  2. Genji is quite the snuggle fiend, isn't he?

  3. The little Traveller looks so content and happy! We're thrilled for him. We were so worried. He doesn't know yet he's in the most loving place in town.

  4. Darn good snuggles! That Traveler sure does look quite happy!

  5. Great snuggles, that is for sure. And we are so glad to see Traveller looking so happy. You all have a super Sunday.

  6. Great snuggle pictures ! And The Traveller looks so happy ! Purrs

  7. We like this weeks snuggle pics :)
    WE also like that Traveler is content and happy :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  8. Ca fait du bien à tout le monde de te voir détendu au soleil Monsieur Le Voyageur.
    Genji tu connais vraiment comme moi la meilleure position pour les câlins. Rien ne vaut un face à face !
    Tu n'as pas peur de ce chien ? Moi je m'en méfie des chiens alors je les attaque..

  9. great snuggling going on at your farm for sure!

  10. Well, we don't see any shortage of snuggling from our point of view - great snuggles from all. We hope you all had a nice sunny weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. The Traveller looks very happy in his sun spot. Great snuggles asain this week.

  12. Beebs are you watching TV
    Lily & Edward

  13. I snuggled lots with mum this weekend too.

  14. Great snuggle pic Traveller, snuggling with your sunpuddle :)

  15. We enjoyed your snuggles this week.

  16. Most excellent snuggles! Wes loves them all and wes can't wait to see the Big V!

  17. Maui got his Sei-Chan on Saturday...we can't wait to hear more about Traveller. Your #1 is ACE.


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