Friday, 13 March 2015

Frootbat Friday!

Da Beebs: The other day, I was basking in the warmth of the freshly turned off dryer (#1 had only managed to drag 4 items out fo it safely before I hopped in...), and #1 snapped a photo and she said we should use it for the next Frootbat Friday. So, folks, here it is:

Here is Da Genj with some Half-Mast-Bats...

Sei-Chan with some Watchful-Bats:

A back view of my mama-Tama with some rather Strange-Bats (it looks a little like Batty Semaphore...):

This rather sweet dilute calico kitty is our neighbour, Jade. She is woofie Damia's little sister and we thought her 'Bats looked cute:

 And here is our buddy The Traveller showing off his 'Bats (and his very cute pink nose!):

Have a Batty Friday, Everyone!

PS From Tommy: I wanted to tell you about a surprise we received in the mail yesterday from Goose, who just celebrated his 15t birthday. We were so touched to receive this:

And we hereby promise to SEE BEAUTIFUL always. Thank you, Goose and Mom!


  1. MOL...bravo for the laundry job you do :)
    And all kittis in this post looks lovely !
    Concats to happy Tommy

    Have a great weekend everyone

  2. You look like something in Star Trek Beebs.

  3. Warm laundry in the dryer is the best! Great job!
    The Mom was so happy to see all of the wonderful froot bats today - they are just what she needed! xoxo

  4. Terrific bats everyone!!! Did you see I posted my goodies yesterday?

  5. I don't think I've seen Jade before - she's very pretty!

  6. Beebs, you have excellent radar in those frootbats - for detecting warm washing in the dryer!

  7. Bibi, Malou also enjoys the dryer heat making it impossible to pull clean laundry out in a timely fashion! :)

    The Traveller looks so sweet with that pink nose!

    Enjoy your weekend friends.

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. Tu connais les bons coins Bibi. C'est bien le séchoir à linge. En plus normalement c'est un coin tranquille.
    Tama on dirait qu'elle a mis un chapeau chinois. Ca c'est Nat à Chat qui dit toujours ça quand on met les zoreilles comme ça.
    Genji tu me donnes envie de faire une douillette sieste dans ton nid douillet.
    Mlle Jade est toute mignonne.
    Et on envoie toutes plein de ronrons et câlins mélangés au Voyageur.


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