Friday, 16 January 2015

Violette's Family Friday

Violette: As you know, that "Big V" guy often features members of his family on the blog. It is lovely to see although it also makes me a little bit sad. But no longer! Today is going to be my Family Friday!

But first let me start with ME! Here I am yesterday, coming over to say hello to #1 and get some treats. The weather was truly appalling yesterday, with driving rain and strong winds, and I was so glad when I saw #1's car turn into the lane! I got extra carrots and apples, as she told me she wouldn't be able to come and see me for a few days.

Anyway, let me move on to today's subject. LOOK! Does she look familiar?

Coming over to #1 for treats is my Mama, Hôtesse de L'Aumone! Isn't she beautiful?

And #1 says she is just as gentle as I am when she takes apple slices from her hand!

It seems that my breeder put her back in the field where I used to live last weekend. But even more exciting was the fact that my Mama was not alone. She had a foal with her, a little boy (colt) who is my half-brother. He is jet black (and he will stay black!)

He is only six months old. He was a little bit shy at first but he quickly warmed up to #1 and he loves cuddles!

And #1 says she knows his daddy too. Look how handsome big daddy is:

The daddy's name is Titus and he is a champion stallion, just like my own daddy, Navarro.

Anyway, #1 has decided that she will try to find a home for the little guy, as she knows only too well the level of care and attention my breeders bring to their foals... She has already started contacting some people she knows. We are crossing hooves that she can find him a good home, and he can grow up in a good environment to be a magnificent horse.

As you can see, both he and my Mama were eager to make friend sith Tommy!

I neigh you enjoyed my little Family Friday presentation!


  1. How nice that we got to see your family today, Violette!

  2. Violette, we enjoyed meeting your family. They look so very nice and little step brother is cute.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. Oh nice! He's a handsome little boy. LOL - I love the burs in their ears. We don't have those here, but a few of our Friesian friends on the East coast are complaining about them.

    Monty and Harlow

  4. we loved seeing your family Violette. we hope #1 can find that baby a new home...we just don't understand why they keep having foals on this farm if they refuse to care for them....

  5. Violette, it is so good that #1 is keeping an eye on your Mommy and half brother! Yous has such a gorgeous family.

  6. Oh Violette! Your momma is as beautiful as you are and your little brother is quite the cutie. We hope #1 can find him a good home.

  7. It was nice to meet your family today, Violette ! It's a beautiful family ! And we cross our paws that #1 finds your little half-brother a good home ! Purrs

  8. Dang, you sure do have a nice family!

  9. Your mama and half brother are very good looking Violette. I hope #1 can find someone to give the youngster a good home with lots of love and care. All those burrs in his mane and ears must be an irritation for him.

  10. You have great genes in your family,Violette!
    So sweet of #1 to start looking for the little guy a good home of his own.
    Have a great weekend!

  11. I remember the beautiful Hotesse very very well. And here she has a beautiful son. All black and handsome and ready to make the whole family proud. You have a beautiful family. I am so grateful that #1 took you as her own. xoxoxox

  12. You have a beautiful family, Violette.

  13. We are praying for the little fellow and praying for #1 too! There MUST be a wonderful person who who would cherish him. Ok, we'll be the ones to say it. The burrs are upsetting for us. Imagine what it must be for him!

  14. Violette, you come from a very good looking and good tempered family. Thanks for sharing all those great photos! It was so nice meeting them.


  15. Oh Violette! Your little brother is adorable! And his papa is very handsome. Your mama is lovely - thank you for showing us your family. We hope #1 can find a good home for your brother.

  16. Tu as une jolie famille Violette.
    J'espère de tout mon coeur que ta #1 va trouver une famille aimante pour ton demi frère. Une famille qui le gardera pour toujours et prendra bien soin de lui.

  17. They are both truly lovely. But we can't but help ask ourselves why does this person keep breeding foals he does not seem interested in taking care of ? It is strange...
    We are glad #1 is keeping an eye on them. :)

    the critters in the cottage xo


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