Thursday, 15 January 2015

Thankful Thursday

Tama-Chan: Yes, it's me again! I felt that, as Queen of this house, it was up to me to send gracious thanks for something wonderful that happened to us this week.

A couple of days ago, #1 found an unexpected package in our mailbox. On closer investigation, it turned out to be from Singapore where our friends the Amigos (Bujang, Akira, Tanaka and Popps) reside with their #1, called San. It had been mailed on December 8th but, for some obscure reason, this airmail package took over a month to get to us. As a result, we have decided that post-Christmas presents are possibly even better than Christmas ones!

We had already received some fabulous Christmas gifts from The Amigos the previous Christmas but they totally outdid themselves this year! Sei-Chan and I were our usual timid themselves, but the boys eagerly went to investigate.

On opening the box, they immediately found these:

Freez-dried treats for both us and Tommy, a ball for Tommy and some very cute toys for us! There was even a spotless ladubug!

Da Beebs was the first to check it all out:

Genji wasn't too far behind...

Aside from the great toys and treats, there was also a fabulous array of collars!

I have decided that, as Queen, I shall have this one. It has a sphynx charm on it!

I have a feeling my Beebs may lay claim to the cute yellow one with the bees (Bees as in Beebs, you see. Hehehe). As for Da Genj, he hasn't made up his mind yet:

And that was not all! #1 got an absolutely fabulous gift too. You see, San did not know what she might sent for the Vs, so she sent #1 a beautiful violet-coloured scarf:

We never cease to be amazed by the kindness that comes our way from our far away friends. Thank you San, and all the Amigos. 

If you are not familiar with The Amigos and their blog, Cat Tales, you can visit them here. They are a really fun and interesting bunch of kitties and San looks after all with great love and attention. Their latest addition, Popps, was until recently a semi-feral "community cat" who was adopted by the family after she was injured in a  fight.


  1. We are glad they arrived safely and was not lost somewhere.

  2. Great and sweet gifts! Figures Da Beebs would be there first, investigating!

    Purrz ya'll!

    Selina & MomKatt

  3. wow - talk about snail mail. :) glad it made the trip though - looks like a wonderful present

  4. Yous knows - gifts is always so furry wonderful. It is like getting the most special hugs when yous gets the gift and feeling their love everytime yous looks at the gift (or wears it),

  5. How wonderful. I love seeing this and San and her babies are a joy to see.

  6. C'est bien d'avoir des amis qui vous offrent des cadeaux. Le plus beau cadeau c'est l'amour, l'attention qu'on vous porte. Et les cadeaux c'est une attention particulière.
    Genji ta coccinelle elle me plait beaucoup.

  7. Goodness that sure is a super nice bunch of goodies!

  8. Great gifts ! How wonderful from your far away friends ! Purrs

  9. What nice gifts! Sometimes late is better because then it's extra-special!

  10. Sometimes international post can be so frustrating in its slowness! Those are lovely gifts.

  11. Well that package was so worth waiting for. Fabulous goodies and that scarf is to die for. Beautiful

  12. What a lovely and generous surprise to arrive in the mail.

  13. It sure is exciting to get an unexpected pressie. We got a belated card last week that came all the way from Thailand and was registered mail so our dad had to sign for it!

  14. What a grate package from your furiends!

  15. What a nice package. We don't know them so we need to go over and meet them.

  16. We are glad your package made it, just a bit late. What a great surprise.

    Monty and Harlow


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