Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Tenterhooks Tuesday

Da Genj: Everyone is always saying that I am a tart because I will cuddle with everyone, but you must understand that my #1 is very special to me and I have been missing her A LOT. But she is finally coming home today and I can't wait!!! In fact, we are all totally on tenterhooks!

This photo is a few weeks old but I thought you might enjoy it:

We would also like to say that we hope all our friends riding out that terrible snowstorm on teh East coast of the US and Canada are safe.


  1. We can see how eager you are. We hope she gets home safely.

  2. I'm SO glad that #1 is finally on her way home!

  3. We're very happy that #1 is finally coming back to home today ! We can see you're very eager to see her ! Purrs

  4. I am glad #1 is on her way back home to you.

  5. We purr #1 has a problem free and quick drive home!
    So far, the snowstorm is not too bad.
    Mom is enjoying a storm day with us :)

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. Moi je ne dis pas des trucs comme ça mon cousin.
    C'est vrai que je ne fais pas des câlins à tout le monde, pas du tout même, mais toi tu es un garçon, c'est pas pareil ! Et si tu as autant besoin de câlins que moi et que tu dois partager ta #1 avec tous les autres et bien c'est normal que tu fasses des câlins avec d'autres zumains.

  7. We hope that by now #1 is reunited with you!
    We are enjoying the snowstorm - Mom was home all day with us, and she gave us extra playtime. She couldn't get out either door, so she was stuck. She made sure we were well stocked with cat food and treats. And tomorrow she will start to dig out.

  8. We know how very much you love and miss your #1 . You. fell in love with her the moment you met her at the airport. You'll have that magic moment all over again when she walks through the door.

  9. Gengi, you must have been so excited to see #1 again. Did you snuggle under the covers? xox


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