Sunday, 11 January 2015

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: It has been so dark and gloomy the past few days we have been yearning for a sunpuddle or two, and we have been told we might get a few today. Paws crossed.

In the meantime, the snuggling continues at Poupounette Central kicking off one again with me and my Tommy:

That Beebs of mine has been busy snuggling with #1. He reallhy is terminally soppy when it comes to her...

Genji, of course, is a complete tart who will snuggle with everyone. Here he is with Ms. S:

And covering #1's face with kisses:

That was after he had snuggled with he under the covers when she was taking a nap:

As Genji stayed "undercover", Sei-Chan cozied up to #1 on top!

Our Tommy loves nothing more than nestling up to #1 on his sofa when she is reading:

And here is #1 sharing a cuddle with The Big V. Just look at his eyes, and the smile on his lips!

No snuggle pics with Violette this week, but she sends everyone a big smooch:

We hope you all have a very snuggly Sunday!

PS from #1: Ms. C's operation went well. Thank you for all the purrs etc. No starts the long process of recuperation.


  1. Mum loves kitty kisses but we don't give it very often ! You look very happy Vidock ! Purrs

  2. Bonne année 2015 pour toute ta belle tribu !

  3. We are glad the op went well. This GENJI is a champion snuggler.

  4. We hope you are getting sun puddles today - after being told we were in for a dull day it is beautiful sunshine!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Great snuggle pictures. We are glad Mrs. C's operation went well and that she can recover well too. Take care.

  6. Your Sunday snuggles always make us smile! We are glad the surgery went well for Ms. C. Have a great Sunday everyone.

  7. We love that you are all so snuggly :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  8. OH what wonderful snuggle pictures and Genji, I am a tart too! I will love on EVERYONE! Whether they want me to or not. xoxoxox

  9. Good to hear the operation went well. Happy snuggles!

    LOL - Genji sounds a lot like Harlow...

    Monty and Harlow

  10. I get to snuggle with judges today at the cat show! So that should be fun.

  11. It looks like you are making biscuits on Tommy's leg, Tama-Chan. Big V looks like a big softie cuddling with #1.

  12. its nice to get snuggles too
    Lily & Edward

  13. It looks like someone is making biscuits on Tommy! Does he mind or does he like it?

  14. Great snuggling!
    We wanted to mention how sorry we are about the terrible events in France this past week.

  15. Snuggles and cuddles all around on every day. Glad that operation went well.

  16. Oh My Cod! Mes wants to jumps in the middle of all that cuddling and snuggling and kissing!!!

  17. C'est tellement bien les câlins. Ici même Loustiquette elle en abuse en ce moment.
    Tu as bien raison Genji. Les câlins c'est des bisous sur la tête et sur la figure !
    Ronrons pour tout le monde

  18. We love all the snuggling...and the smooches from Violette. :)

  19. So glad Mrs. C's surgery went well. Will keep her in my prayers for a safe recovery. Love everyone's snuggles :)
    Marty's Mom

  20. We laughed at Tommy and #1 on the sofa...he takes up all the room! Wonderful snuggles today.

  21. Sending healing thoughts to Mrs. C - I am glad the surgery went well. I hope she received your Sunday snuggles.


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