Saturday, 3 January 2015


Se-Chan: WHAT? It's SEIturday already?  I am feeling totally discombobulated with all these holidays mid-week, and completely losing track of which day is which. So you actually caught me napping this time…

I hope you like the show of pink toes!

I have been doing some supervising in the kitchen:

And I did find a few lovely sunpuddles last week:

But I confess to a lot of napping on the mat on that wonderful radiator in the living room…

Since we didn't do one last week, we are having a mega Snuggles on Sunday post tomorrow, so please stop by!


  1. We are having real, live, WARM sun puddles this upcoming week, Sei! Can you believe it?

  2. Purrfect looking pink jelly beans :)
    Looks like we are going to have some sunpuddles today = YAY !
    Happy SEIturday !

  3. You have really gorgeous toes Sei. We had some rain and of course a trip to the acupuncturist. THAT was not fun.

  4. We love your pink paw pads SeiChan - they are very stylish.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I hope you have lots of sunpuddle snoozies and that you get combobulated once again!

  6. It's so chilly in our house this morning that I would love to snuggle on your radiator with you! Wahhh! Have a nice Saturday!

    Monty and Harlow

  7. Lovely toesies ! I love sleeping on radiators, but without mat ! Purrs, Zorro

  8. We are a bit confused on what day it is too but that seems to happen a lot around here since our pawrents are retired. To them every day is a Saturday.

  9. Good to see you Sei :)
    We are enjoying warm sunbeams on the porch today :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. Et nous on t'aime bien quand tu dors. Tu es toute jolie.
    Ici c'est un peu pareil. Ca devient compliqué de suivre l'emploi du temps désorganisés des zumains.

  11. Don't worry Sei, my mum has totally lost track of the days too. She was convinced it was Monday on Friday and turned 2 of the horses out into their field that she shouldn't have because their owners come out early on Fridays to ride. She went out and brought them back in but they had a nice muddy roll.

  12. We have our days all mixed up too, Sunday, Monday, Sunday, Mon, no wait, Friday, Caturday.

    Yeah today is Caturday!

  13. OUr Mom has lost all track of time during the holidays.
    Sei, we adore those pink jelly bean toes. Keep them warm!



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