Monday, 5 January 2015

Manly Monday

Tomaso: We are late in posting today! The Safari web browser we usually use on our desktop Mac has had a fit and is no longer viable, so we are doing this via the laptop as we transfer our bookmarks to Chrome on the desktop.

Anyway, all is well at Poupounette Central. We thought we would start by showing you our great sign, a Christmas gift by Ms. S and Mr. E, which is now in place!

The sunpuddles are now gone and it's been warm and grey and rainy the past couple of days, but here are some nice shots from when it was icy and crisp!

#1 says I look like a hare in this next one!

Vidock: #1 has been coming to see us almost every day, so we Vs have been doing really well on treats. In exchange, here are a couple of nice portraits of me!

Genji: #1 was very amused by this photo of me. She says I lo like a vulture...

Here is one of me and Da Beebs having a great time with our new Ess:

Da Beebs: #1 has failed to take a suitable portrait of me for this Manly Monday so I am resorting to my usual trump card, a baby picture!

I was about five weeks old in that picture.


  1. Adorable, as always - LSBnWNC

  2. Genji I do have to agree with #1 that you do look a bit like a vulture in that picture :)
    Happy Monday to you all !


  3. Mommy was doing good until she saw that baby pic. She then melted into a quivering pile of goo! How cute!

    Great pics, all of you.
    Happy Monday!

  4. We didn't remember just how tiny your toesies were when first saw you Bibi.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Oh no, sorry your Safari went out on a safari. Y'all are looking great and we love that baby pic!

  6. Baby Beebs! Squeeeeee! A trump card for sure!
    Genji, we think you look more like a great jungle cat eying your prey.
    You look so happy, Tomaso! You're such a delightful boy. Looking very manly there Vidock.

  7. Cutie pies. Vidock we think you need your bangs trimmed BOL
    Lily & Edward

  8. Harlow has been having more and more off leash time - I'm hoping to be able to have pictures soon like yours! :)

    Monty and Harlow

  9. OH MY WORD! That baby picture has made mommy all goo goo eyed and absolutely cooing over your beauty. Then and now. DO look like a gate in that shot. manly for Monday. Genji, yes, absolutely a vulture but who would mind that dear face hovering over them?

  10. You looked so cute when you were 5 weeks old! I love the picture, so sweet. Purrs!

  11. Bibi, my human just about melted when she saw that baby pic of you! I thought it was nice seeing ALL the manly ones today!

  12. mom said she was all...."they are so manly" and then got to that last picture and said awwww :)

  13. I think all the pictures are gorgeous especially the baby one

  14. Wonderful portraits of everyone!!


  15. Oh I LOVE Manly Mondays at your house!!!
    Marty's Mom

  16. Tommy, we want to know just how long ARE your ears!

  17. C'est la maison du bonheur chez toi ! Caresses pour tous les poilus ;)


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