Saturday, 9 August 2014

Soggy SEIturday

Sei-Chan: Yes, Dear Friends, it's yet another Soggy SEIturday. We are beginning to grow a little sick of them, to be honest. It has absolutely been pelting down, so much so that the door to the cat run has been shut since Thursday evening. What is a girl to do in such circumstances?

I have been hanging out on the old office chair in #1's study:

Showing a bit of toe…

…and a bit of tummy!

Dreaming of days with sunpuddles…

We have guests from Italy coming to stay next week (and they're even bringing a woofie with them!), so #1 has started getting their room ready. She made the bed but thoughtfully put her old fleece sweater back on it as it is properly floofilated:

And here, for the grand finale, is a close-up!

I hope the sun is shining on you this SEIturday!


  1. You are the perfect hostess Sei-chan. We hope you get some sun tomorrow. We hope the sun will continue to shine here as we are waiting for our national day parade.

  2. We would welcome a soggy day - more storms predicted here but yet again not a drop of rain on the catio. it is hot! And we do not look as serene and cool as you do, Sei-Chan. Probably we never do! Have a good Saturday, despite the showers.

  3. We have almost the same weather here. You are purrfect hostesses with #1, we're sure your guests will enjoy it ! Purrs

  4. You look terrific and you don't want to be soggy. It is quite soggy here too and we need an ark.

  5. We're supposed to be having lots of rain and high winds tomorrow and on and off all next week. We've been very lucky this week as it's been warm and sunny. Hope your Soggy Saturday turns into a Sunny Sunday tomorrow.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Sei-Chan we are having the same dreary weather as you except just enough rain to make it muggy and uncomfortable but not do the plants any good :( Hope you have a nice Sei-turday!

  7. Too bad you can't send the rain over here, where we need it! Hope you get your sun puddles back soon - and that your enjoy your visitors!

  8. What a pretty face. And I want to rub that belly.

  9. It has been furry rainy this afternoon over here too :(
    Hope it will be sunshine tomorrow !
    Sounds FUN with visitors , hope they will know how to spoil cat´s :)


  10. Not much sun here today, but at least it isn't HOT!!! In fact we may even get an afternoon walk if we can get Mom on her feet:) Those are some great pics of you, Sei-chan. We love the last one best.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  11. We're sorry to hear you are having such soggy weather. We have finally had a few days of sun.

  12. The sun did shine on us here on Seiturday. We purr that the sun will shine on you soon too.

  13. We did have nice sunpuddles today. Sorry your day was soggy.

  14. Poor Maui, he didn't get past the third photo! Passed out cold, he is...

    Paws crossed you get some SUMMER, soon!


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