Monday, 25 August 2014

Manly Monday

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! I confess I have been a bit of a lazy boy this past week, lolloping around my paddock and letting #1 brush me and generally spoil me. Hey you have to take it easy sometimes, right?

Here I am getting brushies!

And saying thank you to #1!

My Daddy Orgueil, on the other hoof, has been very busy, and #1 said it would be OK for me to share a couple of pics of him doing a logging demonstration this past weekend. You can see where I get my good looks, can't you?

Tomaso (aka Tommy): I got to go to the logging demonstration and when Uncle E and Ms. S were not there, I got to supervise Daddy Orgueil!

I keep hoping that #1 will throw me a stick, or a ball, anything really, but I am having no success at all with her at the moment. Sniff… She goes on and on about how my leg must be all better by the time we go to the beach.

When we went out for pizza on our birthday, I got both pizza and cookies!

Oh, and here is a nice shot of me last week when I enjoyed a nice café outing with #1 and Ms. P:

Da Genj: I have a nice series of sunpuddle portraits for you today

Da Beebs: Behold my handsome self!

Totally mesmerising…

Here is hoping for a great week, with no bad news and lots of good!


  1. Vidock, we agree you deserve to have a little vacation ;)
    You boys all look SO good and handsome.
    We purr for a happy week too :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. We see you boys are all ready for the week. You all look good.

  3. Wow, Vidock, you are handsome! I wonder if I'll meet any horses in my travels! (A Percheron would be an extra added bonus!) Happy Monday!

  4. Wow, you you boys look terrific.Vidock, your Daddy is very handsome. You all enjoy your Monday.

  5. We tihnk you were pretty smart Vidock for letting #1 give you all that attention
    Lily & Edward

  6. Vidock, I can totally see where you got your good looks! Your dad is such a handsome horse!
    Tommy, I love your picture at cafe outing. You look very happy and relaxed :-)
    And Bibi-Chan, you look seriously handsome there!

  7. Wow all you boys are looking very handsome today and we love your wet ear look Tommy - very stylish.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Yow Vidock yer lookin so fine n fit n yer Pappa iz hansum too...ya lookz alot like him; all studlee n well muscled! Like Pappa, like son ;)
    Tomaso yer lookin guud too. Take da time to heel yer self so ya can have fun at da nose ya haz to bee payshunt (not one of me strong suitz either) but restin iz da best meddysin!
    Genji yer breathtakin as usual...
    Beebz yer such a care-acktur!! a kewl one!
    Me iz out in Condo furinallee as it iz sorta hot here today. Had to wait fer da Sun to go beehind da buildin ('cause no tree). So we iz all havin a guud Monday!
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

  9. All very manly!

    Monty and Harlow

  10. that was a very handsome start to the week :)

  11. Vidock, your dad is pawsome ! We understand you're disappointed not to be allowed to play fetch, Tommy, but you need some rest to be totally OK ! We're glad to see you keep smiling ! Bibi, you look great ! Purrs

  12. We sure enjoyed all of your photos and you gave us great big smiles!

  13. Mon cousin, tu es très beau au soleil, tu ... me ressembles !
    Bibi ... impressionnant.
    Tu sais quoi Tommy, fais comme moi. Je cours, je cours, juste pour le plaisir, pas après quelque chose. Mais il parait que pour toi ce n'est pas une bonne idée. Il faut que tu restes sage.
    Comme toujours ma Nat à Chat te trouve mangnique Vidock !
    Ronrons pour tout le monde

  14. Thanks so much for stopping by. We love your gorgeous pets and j'adore France.

  15. Vidock, you have earned your relaxation after working hard. You all look very handsome in the sun.

  16. Mowzers! That logging demo was FURRY impressive - and Beebs-dood, of course you're mesmerizing. ALWAYS!

  17. Oh boys, #1 outdid herself with wonderful photos of all of you! We had to keep looking at them over and over! Hope you all have a fantastic week!
    Marty and Mom

  18. Tommy, just a few more days! Genji and Da Beebs, you have the girls here all aswooning...and Mommy STILL can't get over the SIZE of you, Vidock, and your dad!!! AMAZING.


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