Friday, 15 August 2014

Frantic Friday!

Da Beebs: Dear Friends, this is it. This is the day that #1 has been working toward for so long, tehday when Vidock is shown at the big Percheron show and #1's Italian friend performs with her Percheron stallion, J'Adore (yes, by the way, to all our good friends who left comments about J'Adore yesterday - HE is a STALLION!).

Anyway, I have a confession to make… I did not make #1's day easy yesterday. As she was frantically trying to get everything organised, I Houbibi'ed! You see, someone dropped in unannounced and forgot to close the outer door of our Houbibi-Prood porch, so next time the front door opened, I was gone. That was at 8:30am and #1 had to be gone almost all day. She was sick with worry but there was nothing she could do, other than leave the door to the outside in the back room open and hope I would come home on my own. It was only when she returned at 7pm that she found me UTB in that room, screaming like a banshee (it was pouring with rain and I really had to come in). I feel a little bit bad for #1 and putting her through all that, but I know she will forgive me and is just so happy I am safe.

Oh, and here is a pic of Vidock getting his shower yesterday in preparation for the big day!

Yes, that is a pressure-washer, and he loves it!

And finally, here is another pic of #1 riding J'Adore as his "Mamma", Simonetta, makes him do the Spanish Walk:


  1. Bibi - I'm glad we are only finding out about your escape after the fact because we all would have been nearly as worried as #1 otherwise! I can't wait to see how Vidock does - this is so exciting!

  2. We are purring Vidock has a great day :)
    WE are also happy you are safely home.
    Thank goodness for rain you silly boy ;)

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. We are thankful you're safe Houbibi. We are all looking forward to the news about Vidock 's day as well.

  4. Beebs - knock it off dude....

    Hope #1 and Vidock and everyone else has a great day!

  5. The friends are lucky they were transferred over to a hotel, BOL. Glad you are home. Good luck Vidock
    Lily & Edward

  6. We're so so happy that you're safe and back home Bibi ! We wish Vidock, #1, J'adore and his mom a great day ! Purrs

  7. We know the mighty V will do wonderfully!

  8. Beebs - seriouslies. You gotta think about those weak human hearts an' stuff1 They can't take the shock! (we're so glad you're back :-)

  9. Da Beebs, that wasn't nice of you to worry #1 on such a big day. I am glad you were back safe and sound when she got home.

  10. Oh Beebs! No, no, no!
    Thank God you are safe and sound.
    We hope J'Adore, Vidock and the #1's
    had a lovely time.
    Your poor #1; must have been awful for her.

  11. Oh, of ALL days to vanish! You are NORTY, Beebs!

    We have all our paws crossed that Vidock does wonderfully today! (It's the big day there already, right?)

  12. Beebs! Please don't do that again! You will give your mom a heart attack.

  13. You really make coming to see you a pleasure, Vidock and that Houbibi thing...please...give #1 a BREAK!


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