Friday, 29 August 2014

Flitting Off Friday

Genji: Can you believe that we have been abandoned for the day? #1 left early this morning to pick up a friend and drive to Caen in Normandy (about 2 hours away), to the World Equestrian Games! She is going to watch the dressage freestyle, aka "The Dancing Horses". Fifteen horse and rider pairs will be competing, including three from Team GB. #1 will be rooting for Charlotte Dujardin who already won Gold in the Grand Prix Special on Wednesday, and whom she considers phenomenal. I am helping by crossing my paws:

Da Beebs has really gotten into the spirit of the event and has been helping #1 watch…

Tommy is spending the day with his friend Damia next door. She's not as rough as Mad Fernant, so that's a better option whilst we're still trying to rest his leg.

Please don't forget to stop by Sparkle's blog today for her Memorial Service. And remember that Tabby's Place is a hugely worthwhile cause for any additional donations you might wish to make. We dropped by their donate site a couple of days ago.

Last but not least, our Tommy is very excited because #1 received the sticker she had ordered for him, and has now put it on the new car!


  1. How exciting to be in the thick of things. We don't have this event on our tv now at all but san has seen a few a long time ago. We are going to ask san if we could have our own stickers as well. Tommy's sticker looks like so much fun.

  2. While we know you will miss #1 today, we purr she has fun!
    That sticker of Tommy is pawsome :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. #1 goes off a lot, doesn't she? I'm happy that I will be able to go a lot of places with my human!

    Thanks for reminding everyone to stop by for Sparkle's memorial service - I really appreciate it!

  4. Tommy we think you look great on the car sticker.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Your mom has great stickers on her car ! Your sticker is pawsome, Tommy ! Mum only has a sticker for her nail studio on the car, pfffff.... Purrs

  6. Oh I love Tommy's sticker very much! Very cute :-)

  7. We know #1 will have some fun! We love that Tommy sticker!

  8. Ne rouspète pas Genji. Une journée c'est pas long. Les zumains ils ont besoin d'aller faire des trucs importants. Enfin de trucs qu'ils disent importants.
    Ma Nat à Chat elle dit que c'est super beau le dressage, surtout en musique, que ça lui donne la chair de poule tellement c'est beau.
    Plein de ronrons

  9. We hope #1 has a good time. We love your stickers, Tommy.

  10. At least you have only been abandoned for the day. That is a great sticker Tommy.

  11. We hope #1 had a great time at the horse event. That is a cool sticker for the car.

  12. We can't believe #1 went gallivanting off again! The nerve. At least it's only for the day...

    LOVE the sticker!

  13. We Hope #1 had a wonderful day! See you all tomorrow. Nice sticker Tommy :)

  14. Fernant is not invited to the party of two? MOL. I understand because he needs not to tax his muscles.
    Mommy and I love the car sticker! Purrfect to dress up the look of the car! Handsome Tommy.

  15. Tommy's car sticker is so cool!



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