Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tama-Chan Tuesday?!

Tama-Chan: What? WHAT????? It can't be Tuesday again already. I am not ready! And, as you know, #1 has been slacking in taking photos… What to do, what to do? Maybe if I sit on the keyboard, it will make it all go away?

Can I interest you in a little dangle?

Oh, you know what? I caught myself one of those slow worm thingies yesterday! I brought it inside and Genji and I were amusing ourselves with it (Sei-Chan was napping and My Beebs was eating chicken out of #1's hand) when #1 realised something was amiss (we weren't all there for the chicken) and came to investigate. You can guess, can't you? She took it away from us and released it in the garden. It apparently was OK. I am sulking. Its official.

It just remains for me to bolt out of the front door at every opportunity to investigate the planters in the porch:


  1. Mom goes through stages of being lazy about taking pics.
    That's OK, as long as we get scritches.
    We would like the opportunity to bolt out the door, but we don't have any neat planters ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. #1 TOOK IT AWAY FROM YOU ??!!
    Typical humans to spoil all the FUN :(


  3. Humans are such spoilsports! I never get to keep my catch either! Unless it's a moth - those I get to eat.

  4. Sometimes san is also lazy to take pics. It's a'good thing she takes a lot on other days. Worms? We have never seen a worm. BUT. We stand by you and think you should have had it.

  5. We've never seen a sloe worm - Mum is going pale at the thought of seeing one LOL!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Too bad your mom had to take your prize away from you. We bet you were having fun playing with it.

  7. I think you might be able to find that worm again...give it a try!

  8. You better not bolt out of that door. #1 will not be happy
    Lily & Edward

  9. It's not fair when your prey gets taken away from you! Although, we don't mind if the mom helps herself to the stink bugs.

  10. wait....you passed up chick-hen for a BUG????

  11. I'm sorry your worm was taken away! But don't worry, you will find another one :-)

    Our boys are not so into catnip, but they do love matatabi! Good stuff :-)

  12. On a le même problème Tama. Je compatis avec toi. Pas moyen pour une honnête minette de garder ses proies. C'est quand même incroyable ça. On nous martyrise.
    Bouder c'est pas mal, tu as raison. J'essaye de temps en temps. Mais le problème c'est que quand on est abyssin on ne peut pas bouder nos zumains longtemps.
    Tu aurais du avoir ta proie et du poulet !
    Ronrons de soutien

  13. Charlie Rascal took the words out of our mouths, exclamation points INCLUDED!!!!!!!!!

  14. Humans! What can mes say that has not been said already!!
    Just remember, it is HUGZ day though, and that might makes up for it!!!

  15. Sigh......Mom's tend to ruin all our fun don't they...


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