Saturday, 14 June 2014

Spiffy SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: Our #1 is having another one of her "mad moments" as she has horsey visitors from Australia and is taking them hither and thither this weekend. So, our apologies if we are a little MIA on the commenting front.

You remember last week that I talked about my need for a new collar? Well, #1 addressed the issue pretty quickly and managed to catch me to carry out the exchange. She transferred the lovely tag and charms from my old collar, and voilà:

Quite spiffy, don't you think?

I have been very busy over the past few days. I have been exploring the now closed-in porch:

Spending time in the cat run:

And pondering the meaning of life…

And getting back to the subject of collars, #1 is feeling a tad frustrated at the moment. First, Da Beebs lost his collar. She managed to find it again, in the cat run. But now, Tama-Chan has lost hers and she hasn't been able to locate it so far. She says that Tama may have little appreciation for her Beebsy boy but the two are so alike, its just amazing!

Happy SEIturday, Dear Friends!


  1. Your "new" collar looks furry spiffy indeed , Sei-Chan !
    My mom-person is working most of this weekend so no "mad moments" over here :)


  2. Like mother, like son MOL ! Purrs

  3. We really like your new yellow collar. It is sunny like you Sei-chan.

  4. We'd love to know where you hid your collar Tama-Chan - hope it wasn't in a litter tray.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. OH, you look so wonderful in your new collar. But what in the world made da Beebs and son lose their collars? How strange. I wonder if they just became unlatched.

  6. Your new collar is very pretty. We're sure #1 hopes you keep it on. ;-)

  7. You look very smart in your new collar Sei-Chan.

  8. I think other special kitties are hoping for brand new collars of their own...

    Monty and Harlow

  9. You have such a nice new collar I bet everyone is hoping to get new ones all the time!

  10. It sounds like you've had a lot of supervising to do, Sei! The cat before me lost her collar so many times that my human just kept a stack of inexpensive ones in reserve - the moment she came home collarless, she just slipped a new one right on her.

  11. Ton collier il est tout à fait assortis à toi Sei-Chan.
    Mais bon. Moi je n'aime pas les colliers. Et puis c'est un truc pour chien !
    Moi j'en ai porté au début de ma liberté, mais comme c'était évidement des colliers de sécurité, et bien je les perdais souvent. Alors maintenant je suis libre, nature, belle sans collier ....
    Mais comme ça rassure ta #1, c'est important que tu en portes un. Et puis toi tu es sage, alors tu ne les perds pas.
    Ronrons, aussi de la part de Loustiquette

  12. Being that she is running around without you, don't forget to ignore her when she returns
    Lily & Edward

  13. Gorgeous collar!! Mes thinks there will be other new ones for Tama and the Beebs!
    Hope yous has fun with the visitors!

  14. You are sure looking mighty fancy in your new collar!

  15. Your collar is very pretty, and you look absolutely beautiful in your pictures.

  16. I remember when I lost my collar years ago. It took mum a week to finally find it. In the house, buried under some stuff.


  17. We think you are beautifully accessorized, Sei-Chan!

  18. Your new collar is just splendid. It's sunny yellow compliments your beautiful furs perfectly.

  19. Love the new collar! It looks very nice with your furs!


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