Monday, 16 June 2014

Manly Monday

Vidock: Studly Neighs, Everyone! #1 has had quite a weekend and is almost catatonic, so I decided to help her with today's post, with a few photos of my magnificent self! On Saturday afternoon, I took the two Percheron breeders visiting from Australia for a ride:

The programme for this week is for me to learn how to log. Isn't that exciting?

Tom: I spent time too looking after our visitors, and I graciously shared my back seat with one of them!

I didn't go with them all the time, though, as it was quite warm and #1 didn't want to leave me in a hot car, so I spent some time with my pal Fernant too:

#1 also took this rather nice portrait of me. Do you like it?

Da Beebs: The weather has been nice and we have been spending a lot of time out in the cat run! Look at me on my climbing frame:

And gazing into the distance, looking for possible intruders:

Genji: I have been discovering the joys of napping in the hammocks in the cat run:

And the hammocks are also excellent supervising stations!

Then there is playing camouflage in the lower sections of the run!

Our forecast is for sunshine all week. We wish for the same for all our friends!


  1. It sounds like you had an awesome time with your visitors!

  2. How much fun you all had! I admit that when I see Vidock I dream of going for a ride. I promise I wouldn't dig in my claws too much.

  3. What dun you guys had. It's good to help #1 when she is so tired. Were glad you're very good helpers as well entertaining guests and looking out for intruders.

  4. {{swoon}} {{THUMP}} Millie! Millie! Are you okay? {{Walter frantically fans his sister}} Oh I'm okay it's just that picture of Tommy made me a little dizzy. He's so handsome.

    And our mom loves the pictures of Vidock working like a good boy. Of course we wouldn't want the kitties to feel left out but we think you boys look very manly too.

  5. What a good boy you are Vidock. And kitties, looks like a good time was has on the outside.Tommy, we like your friend. Have a great day.

  6. My goodness, y'all were having such a spectacular time out!

  7. We want to go for a ride too! MOL! And you kitties sure look handsome outside on your climbers. Tommy, you are always so good about sharing!

  8. Vous avez raison les garçons, il faut surveiller. On ne sait jamais. Moi je fais pareil. Même quand je suis dans la maison.
    Tu es rigolo Bibi, sur ta deuxième photo on se demande où tu as mis ta deuxième patte arrière.
    Vidock il a un magnifique croupe pommelée qui plait beaucoup à ma Nat à Chat.
    Plein de ronrons pour tout le monde

  9. Oh Vidock! How wonderful a host you are! GOOD boy and where is your treat bucket? Tommy and Fernant...goodo! You got to play and Gingi and Da Beebs...way to show us how to play and relax! Kissies!

  10. You look very professional taking the breeders for a ride Vidock. It will be fun to learn logging.

  11. Tommy that "portrait" of you looks very handsome indeed! We love your outdoor hammocks. How nice to feel a breeze on one's back and watch a bird overhead as you relax in your outdoor hammock! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  12. Doods, the weather's supposed to be similar here! *expectantly looking for our cat run* ... WAITING...WAITING...

  13. Great pics! Vidock, it felt like we were riding along with you. :)

  14. Wonderful manly pics! Your cat run is wonderful with all those plants and greenery. We have none of that due to ticks and such. Boo!

    Great pic of you, Tommy. What a sweetie you are for sharing your backseat. MOL!

    Happy Tuesday, furriends!

  15. Hope you get lots of sun, we are getting sunny and warms days too.

  16. You Boys look wonderful as always! Love your head shot Tom!


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