Friday, 10 January 2014

Violette and Vidock Vendredi

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Every Friend! I hope that my friends in North America are a little warmer and the ones in England a little less wet. One thing that is certain is that I am a lot less muddy!

Here is a pic of me #1 took yesterday:

Are you wondering what I was looking at? Here:

Yes, I get a pretty good ringside seat to watch the Big V working!

At other times, I just look pretty:

And if the sun is shining, I glow!

It's wonderful to see #1 almost every day but I have to tell you that I feel a little sorry for her. You see, there is no mud in my field but there is one large muddy puddle just at the exit which is a little tricky to negotiate when you have a large mare at the end of the lead rope, and poor #1 has fallen right into the puddle twice in the last week… She is trying to figure out a better way and Ms. S promised to come over and helped her with that. Ms. S always comes to our rescue!

Vidock: Studly Neighs, Everyone! I have been working on my canter:

#1 says I am looking lighter and lighter on my feet:

And here I am, in hand with my teacher. Don't you think he looks proud of me?


  1. Violette, you are so pretty when you glow :)
    Vidock, you look so good doing your exercises.No wonder your teacher is happy with you!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  2. Violette, these are amazing photos of you! I'm glad you've settled into your new home (even if #1 is still getting used to it!), and that Vidock is doing so well with his training!

  3. Violette both me and my mom-person LOVE your glowing picture and Viddock´s looks furry proud of him !


  4. Good day to you Violette and Vidock! You both look fantastic today.

  5. You have glowing off to a fine art Violette. We're sure you will always make your teacher proud of you Vidock.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Tu es très belle dans le soleil Violette. Mais fais attention, sois gentille avec ta #1 quand tu sors de ton pré. Les bains de boue tout habillée ... pas vraiment génial !
    Quand à Vidock, je me répète, mais tu es vraiment de plus en plus beau.
    Bonne soire.
    Nat à Chat

  7. You have such beautiful horses!

    Monty and Harlow

  8. Oh Violette...indeed you DO look pretty when you're not doing things. You look pretty DOING things! Violette, you and Vidock look like a million! It is always a joy to see you two and learn about your schooling and wheat you are doing. I wonder what can be done about that awful mud puddle though?

  9. You two always, always make us smile and we love seeing you!

  10. Violette, you and Vidock are such great steeds. You both have nice Winter coats! It is still cold here in New England.

  11. everything being relative, it is a LITTLE warmer here.... :)

    you two are looking lovely as always....though we are sorry about #1 and the mud hole

  12. Poor #1 falling in the muddy puddle. You look very happy to be in that nice grassy field Violette.
    You are working well Vidock.

  13. Poor #1--at least mud is softer than ice. You two look so lovely.

  14. We are happy that you two are on the same farm.

  15. You both look wonderful!

    Lily, WA, USA

  16. We're happy you are both on the same farm too! The colour of the light in Violette's photo's give them sort of a mystical quality. Yay for the green grass. Vidock looks very proud
    and manly.... and so handsome.

  17. Me thinks Mommy likes Violette and Vidock Fridays the bestest! It always makes her want to goes out riding!

  18. Lovely and gorgeous, as always... We're happy that you are in the same farm and that #1 can visit you every day. Mum ask us to tell #1 that the neighbor farm had the same problem with the zone trampled by the cows which was transformed into pool of mud. He made pour a good thickness of wooden shavings to remedy it. It is not too expensive and pleasant for hoofs and paws. Purrs


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