Friday, 24 January 2014

Vidock and Violette Vendredi

Vidock: Soooooooooooooo… take a look at this picture:

Notice my amazing moves? The trot extension? The fact that I don't have a single hoof on the ground? The Levitating V! Rider? What rider? Where did he go? What did I do with him? Ummmmm, I thought he was right there. Honest I did.

Ah! There he is:

What do you mean, #1? I have to neigh 50 times that I will mot misbehave again? I wasn't a good boy? But I wanted to show him my bronco moves again… Too bad he wasn't using a western saddle with a pommel he could hang on to.

#1 here. Vidock is being particularly "studly" at the moment and we had quite a fright yesterday when he threw off his teacher and it took three tries to catch him. Still, what truly impressed me is that his teacher took him back to the tack room, and got back on him. He then took him for over half an hour in the woods where The Big V was able to canter to his heart's content and blow off some steam. Stallions are not an easy project.

Violette: Boys!!!! he was expecting all of us to come galloping over and admire him, but we ignored him. I of course am a girl, so I am fundamentally good. Here I am coming over to #1 in the fog the other day:

I just love the fact that now, #1 comes to see me every single day. She doesn't always bring me out for a groom because it has been raining so much, but I get my apples and carrots every day. Other people are amazed at how, #1 just has to call my name and I will come right over to her!

This is me on one of the days I got groomed!

Between my thick winter coat and the hair being wet because of the rain, it's a lot of hard work for #1!

We are so sad that some of our dear friends are not doing well at the moment. We would like to send very special neighs to Prancer Pie and Phantom.


  1. Handsome Vidock and beautiful Violette, Prancer Pie thanks you so much for the neighs and words of encouragement. You two are looking just lovely!

  2. Vidock, you still have a bit of that youthful exuberance in you! Your teacher is pretty determined though ;) heehee
    Violette, you look so lovely.Your coat may be thick, but it is quite pretty :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  3. Vidock, I think you need a girlfriend! Or something.

  4. Oh it's so good to see you guys/gals again. Now what's this about throwing a rider off??? Hmmm, never dreamed you would do dat - thought you were a nice horsie.

  5. I wish I would see a helmet on your trainers head Big V. It must be real scary to get thrown off a horse as big as you. Your trainer is very brave to get back on you after that, but he is also showing you that you can't just get your way all the time. Keep up the good work.


  6. Really Mom said she too wishes he were wearing a helmet but I know he is experienced and knows what is best for him.

    Violette..of course you are a good girl as well as gorgeous and Vidock, my are really going to have to think about your actions while neighing those 50 times. Naughty boy!

  7. You sure look happy and I would love to go for a ride with you!

  8. Il est plein de vie cet animal ....
    Entier et en plus en pleine forme, sportif ...
    Laisser un cheval entier c'est un choix qui complique les choses. Dans le club où j'étais il y en avait trois, dont un franchement pénible. En fait c'est son propriétaire (homme forcement !) qui était pénible. Les soirs froids d'hiver on se faisait des petites sueurs froides dans le manège.
    En attendant il a fière allure Vidock.
    Violette .. un peu moins avec ce côté boueux.Mais elle a l'air heureuse.
    Bonne soirée.
    Nat à Chat

  9. Vidock - dude....we love that you can levitate, but annoying the teacher and #1 will never end well.....

    Violette - lookin' lovely as always

  10. Boys will be boys - or that's what Lightning adds:)
    Thanks for the shout out. Phantom had his bandage removed to day and his wound is looking pretty good. Mom got some liverwurst for him today so maybe she can trick him into eating.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Woos - The OP Pack

  11. You have a very nice extension Vidock and are looking very graceful for a big boy. Sounds like you were not so graceful (or gracious) with your trainer and your high jinx.
    You are looking as lovely and gentle as ever Violette.

  12. Vidock, were you being naughty? Looks like you had a long walk after school - not that you minded!

    Hi Violette, you are looking's nice to have a 'spa day' with #1 grooming you.


  13. Vidock you are just full of vim and vinegar! We think that nice half hour trot through the woods was just what you needed!
    Violette, you love your #1 very much since we think you would never otherwise come when called !
    Have a good weekend all :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  14. Wow Vidock! We were very impressed with your strength but we are glad your trainer was ok and you got a lot of exercise. We think you're one of the most loving horsies Violette and very lady-like as well.

  15. You both are looking awesome! Vidock, we're impressed with your levitating skills. :)

  16. Vidock, Yous definitely has some air! Yous could bes a Winged Horse! Did yous knows the bucking broncos in the rodeo is part Percheron? The Calgary Stampede Ranch breeds them special!
    And Violette, wet is tough on furs! Mommy gripes when she has to brush my hairy slobbery sister Bob, its a good thing she does not has a horse!

  17. Vidock is feeling his oats! Needs a good run to wear him down.

  18. Vidock, you're incorrigible ! Bronco move... Pfffttt.... As a teacher herself Mum says that you cannot treat your teacher like you do ! Fortunately he's OK and he showed you that he wanted only good for you. Violette, enjoy your "beauty day" with #1. Purrs

  19. What Flynn said.
    High jinx, horsely high jinx!

  20. When I came off of Baron a while back he ran past all of us, realized he was alone and came back. Stallions are silly!

    Monty and Harlow

  21. Vidock, you are magnificent (except when you are tossing your trainer overboard!). Violette, we're glad you are getting some groom time.


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