Sunday, 26 January 2014

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Somehow, snuggling seems more important than ever in this combination of gloomy weather and the realisation of the evanescence of life and joy. So here we go, starting with a shot of me head-bonking #1:

And making biscuits in anticipation of a big snuggle with Tommy:

I bet you missed seeing a pic of Sei-Chan snuggling with Tommy last week!

And here are the two of then hanging out:

And a rather sweet one of Sei-Chan giving #1 a kiss:

Genji has been experimenting further with being under the covers:

Whereas the Beebs has been snuggling with #1 in the evenings as she watches TV:

And here is one of me and my Beebs napping in  close proximity (that's as close to snuggling as we get these days!):

Last but not least, Tommy enjoying snuggle time with #1:

No snuggle picks this week from either V but they both send out neighs to all their friends!


  1. Those are super snuggle pics. We especially likes the one where Sei-chan kissed #1. San says only Akira would kiss her.

  2. We totally agree with you - this Sunday is especially snuggly here too. We need to take advantage of these situations. And we think that for mother and son to be that close is fine enough!
    Here the catio is open so we are going out on mousewatch and dashing in for a quick snuggle. Even we cool mancats enjoy such things of course. Have a great day.

  3. Awww we love snuggling here and those are great pictures.

  4. What lovely snuggling photos! Sei-Chan kissing #1 is so sweet!!

  5. you have some wonderful snuggling going on as always. Have a wonderful Sunday!

  6. No snuggles here today - my human is at a cat show, and I am mad at my human's boyfriend because he has to give me my daily pills.

  7. Y'all really do seem to be enjoying snuggle season!

  8. You all look so happy and content.
    Your Tommy is the dearest dog ever.

  9. Enjoy your Sunday snuggles!

    Monty and Harlow

  10. That is a sweet picture of Sei-Chan giving #1 a kiss. You all have the best snuggles.
    I am having lots of snuggles with my mum and dad.

  11. We love to snuggle too, but don't have any pictures of it.

  12. Mes wants to thanks yous Vidock for bringing Speedy and Goose to Big White. Me is furry impressed! Me has never seen a horse on a toboggan before!
    Mes hopes yous had a most excellent time.

  13. La vie est faite de petits moments de douceur, de câlins, qui mis bout à bout se transforment en bonheur.
    Les chats sont les meilleurs ingrédients pour que cette recette fonctionne ...
    Bonne soirée.
    Nat à Chat

  14. We so agree. Life is too precious not to grab the snuggles you can, when you can! You guys are all expert snugglers, too!

  15. Life is precious and we must show our snuggles and loves every chance we get. xoxox

  16. We have to snuggle to stay warms!

  17. Yes--one never knows when the snuggling could end. We're glad you all made the best of every minute this week!

  18. I cannot believe I almost missed snuggles on Sunday. I am so glad I didn't!

  19. All of you are such snuggle expert´s :)


  20. Yow Chan Kittehz ya all are so beeuteefull n sweet to each other n #1...lub dat smoochie piccie best!!
    We send our lub to all of ya n Tommy n of coarse da V'z cause we fink dey are merveelluss!!
    Yer furendz in Canada, Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxoxoxo


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