Sunday, 12 January 2014

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: As the regular hostess for the SoS post, you would think that I make a particular effort to ensure that there is at least one good snuggle shot of me a week for the post, but no. #1 often has a hard time finding something adequate, and that is the case this week where we just have this little selfie of the two of us:

I did also find this one of me giving Mr. Kiwi a little kiss, with Da Genj looming large:

My boy Beebs on the other hand, produced a nice shot of himself head-butting Tommy:

And getting a snuggle from #1:

That tart Genji spends half his life giving #1 kisses…

And Tommy too!

As for Sei-Chan, well her snuggles with Tommy know no end…

Here is a snuggle in his bed, first thing in the morning:

There is also this rather touching one, entitled "A Dog, A Cat and A Slipper"!!!

And here she is, having a snuggly conversation with #1:

No news snuggle pics with the Vs this week, so we shall go back to last week's photo shot to see if we can find some nuggets there.

Not a snuggle pic per se, but we think that #1 and Violette look so happy together!

And here is #1 with The Big V, Vidock:

I hope you all have a very Snuggly Sunday!

PS: By the way, we just realised that this is our 1900th post!!!


  1. I have to say, my video today is about the closest I ever get to snuggling with my human!

  2. You guys are all such champion snugglers. We think Sei-chan takes the trophy.

  3. Sweet Time : ) Just Love it !
    This post make me so happy. Thank you
    GJ, I have the same nickname as you...Tart...MOL


  4. Lots of snuggles going on there. Great pictures. Everyone looks very happy. Hope you have a super Sunday.

  5. 1900 posts? Wow! Congratulations!

    Monty and Harlow

  6. Looks like there are plenty of snuggles around your place today.

  7. Wow that's a lot of posts with lots of snuggles and all the fun you have every day. Keep up the good work.

  8. Y'all sure have some of the best happy going!!!

  9. Olala ... 1900 posts. C'est incroyable ça ! Nous on en a juste 255. Félicitations.
    Genji tu fais comme moi. Je suis la reine des petits bisous sur le nez et la bouche de Nat à Chat. Elle dit que j'ai une langue hyper râpeuse.
    Je ferais bien des câlins comme Sei avec Tommy ! Ca a l'air vraiment bien.
    Plein de ronrons.

  10. 1900 posts? WooHoo!! That's great :)
    We love the snuggles today especially Genji giving kisses and #1 and Violette :) The Big V looks pretty happy too.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    and Angels Tiger and Tillie

  11. HUGE CONCATULATIONS ON YOUR 1900th post!!! Soon it will be 2000!! We just passed 1000 and will probably die before we get to 2000.
    Love your snuggly photos, your babies are precious and I always love looking at them!

  12. We knoe JUST what you mean about tarts and snuggles. Maxwell is our Genji, tarting around with the mommy all the time! Concats on #1900!!

  13. Wow, 1900 posts. We cannot comprehend. Jaws dropping to floor.
    We especially love your big horsies, even though we are cat people.

  14. Oh wow, what a great milestone! Congratulations on your 1900th post!
    Gen-Chan is so sweet kissing #1 and Tommy :-) He is such a sweetie! And I love the photo of a dog, and a cat and a slipper! Why slipper? LOL!

  15. I always enjoy all your snuggle pictures and today I love the selfie

  16. I love when the horsies get snuggles too

  17. Oh look at all those snuggles. I love a good snuggle. But only when I feel like it.

  18. Oh what great pictures. We love snuggling and kisses!

  19. Love all the snuggling photos!

    Sorry we have not been around commenting lately! No much travelling and not enough internet access for much blogging!!

    Hope you all have a great 2014 and many thanks for always keeping in touch. We very much appreciate it!

    best wishes from all the gang
    Clive & Murray

  20. You all have the best snuggles. #1 has the biggest of smiles whenever she is with the Vs.

  21. I almost forgot, concats on your 1900th post.

  22. Sweet - snuggling is the best.

  23. Concats on 1900! That is truly an amazing achievement! Your Sunday posts are always so sweet. MMM is our big kisser here. She loves to kiss the mom awake at night and get a few scratches too.

  24. 1900!?!?

    You guys ROCK! We love SoS posts.

  25. Concats on 1900 posts, you have us beat and we have been blogging longer. But then we blame mum for being to bizzy.

    Mum would have a hard time doing selfies with us.

  26. Wowwzers! That's a ton of posts! And mes just loves snuggly Sunday!

  27. You all are the best snugglers. :)

  28. Oh you all have made Sunggly Sunday a wonderful treat for mom and for me. I missed it somehow yesterday. Seeing Genji (and #1's description) has mom here still smiling! are gorgeous! Vidock, studly as they come. xxoo

  29. BIG ConCATulations to your 1900th post !!


  30. Wow 1900 posts!! That's awesome! Congrats!!

    What is that white thing on Vidock? It looks like it's attached to a bit or something in his mouth... but it looks like a single strap over his head so I don't think it's a bridle... anyway I'm just curious hehe.


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