Saturday, 4 January 2014


Sei-Chan: Dear Friends, the weather has been so crazy that I was not able to be either stormy or sunny today, or anything else for that matter. Yesterday, we had every kind of weather possible, except for snow and ice, at least twice, if not three or four times. Still, we consider ourselves lucky when compared to friends being flooded in England and snowed under in the States and Canada. Just look at this amazing rainbow shot that #1 took yesterday! That pot of gold is right in Vidock's field!

I have been able to bask in some lovely sunpuddles:

Whilst always on alert for anything of concern that might be going on:

The claws of doom await anyone who does not belong here!

If I can stay awake long enough, that is…

Last but not least, isn't this a great shot of me and Tommy hanging out together?

Have a great SEIturday!


  1. This is the first time we have seen then Claws of Doom. They are very frightening indeed.

  2. Aw, we were loving the rainbow and the sun puddles - and then suddenly the Claws of Doom. We nearly ran away.

  3. We would think the pot of gold IS Vidock. What a beautiful rainbow picture. You are looking stunning too Sei-Chan.

  4. Il est très beau ton arc en ciel Sei-Chan.
    Et tu as bien de la chance d'avoir un temps changeant. Au moins, de temps en temps, tu as du soleil pour faire la sieste.
    Moi depuis le 1er au matin j'ai ... pluie, et pluie et vent. En plus on est dans les nuages. Beurk !

  5. What an amazing photo - looks like a painting!!! We hope it is a sign of wonderful luck for you for the New Year.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. You shine like burnished gold in the sun Sei-Chan. Me, I am growing webbed duck feet!

  7. Sei! What a GREAT rainbow! We don't get to see those in winter here. And yous looks so wonderful basking in the Sun!
    We finally gots some sun, but that means wes gets really cold at night and it does not warm up much during the day.

  8. What a gorgeous rainbow, Sei! The weather may be crazy, but it does have its benefits.

  9. Mowzers, what a gorgeous rainbow! We're in the deep freeze for sure over here, wishing heartily for sun puddles. It'll be -10 tonight.

  10. That is one of the most amazing rainbow photos ever!!! Hey, y'all look snuggy comfy, can I join you?

  11. What a relaxing SEIturday at your place. Beautiful rainbow.

  12. Maybe Vidock got a pail of golden grain for lunch!

    Miss Sei, we are envious of your sharp clawrs...we got ours CLIPPED this week!

  13. Amazing rainbow shot !!
    Here in south Sweden it´s just rain and rain and rain *sigh*
    But I´m glad that we don´t are flooded or have 1m snow.



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