Thursday, 13 June 2013

Tommy's T-Shirted Thankless Thursday...

Tom: Woe is moi! Yes, I am still wearing that T-Shirt... Well, it's not the same one but it's still a T-Shirt...

And to make matters worse, #1 is marginally mad at me. You see, my wound was healing nicely and had scabbed over and she was thinking maybe she could take the T-Shirt off tomorrow. But then, she left me in the car for a while this afternoon as she ran various errands and I went at the wound with a vengeance, through the T-Shirt. She came back to find it all raw again and the T-Shirt totally soggy with my licking. She was not pleased...

So, not only is the T-Shirt still on, but she has been mumbling about... gulp... the cone of shame if I don't behave.

The only good thing is that she takes it off when we go outside so I can do my business. See how happy that makes me?

At the other end of the spectrum Miss Goody Two-Shoes (Ha! I had to call her that!!!) Violette is extremely thankful because she now has a violet bucket for her treats. Can you believe that?

Oh, and one more thing. You know how The Chans have been enjoying squirrel TV for quite some time now? Well, #1 is really thankful she kept the little squirrels properly fed because it turns out that a couple of babies were born. Mama Squirrel, aka Reece, brought them along for us all to meet yesterday! Drum Roll... Please meet Rusty and Ruddy!

Aren't they just gorgeous?

PS: Later in the day...



  1. Ohhh poor Tommy!!! Sending you lots of purrs, little woofie. You do look very cute in your shirt tho...

  2. OH, dear, Tommy, we are sorry about your cone, but you really do have to leave your wound alone so it can really heal.

  3. Oh Tommy!

    I'm sure it is totally the fault of those chats!


  4. Oh Tommy! You are a silly boy! Now you are back to square one after all that licking at your wound. Worse still, you now have to wear the cone of shame. I hope it soon heals. The baby squirrels look cute. Mum said I was not allowed to say tasty.

  5. Oh Tommy! But a few days of that and it will all be better.

    Welcome little squirrels. Can we entice you to a northern holiday...?

  6. Oh dear Tommy, you really must stop licking. Thomas licked a patch on his side raw once and the woman too him to the v-e-t! We don't want you to have to go there.

  7. Tommy darling, sometimes our Mom's have to do things to make us well and this is one of them. You have to admit #1 really tried hard not to have to do that. You'll get better soonest now. xox chic!!! And hello to Rusty and Ruddy!

  8. Ooops, this is Katie Isabella..sorry...

  9. Oh dear Tommy - is it the cone of shame for scab picking?!! Tut! Tut!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Violette your bucket is as lovely as your name!

    Oh Tommy! The red t-shirt was soooo much better! Heal fast now, sweetie!

    The baby "reds" are adorable!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  11. Oh, Tommy...

    But hooray for baby squirrels!!

    Have a lovely day, everybuddy!

  12. Oh no, Tommy! So sorry you have to wear the cone of shame. We'll be purring for your boo-boo. (we kind of liked the t-shirt look!)

    Violette looks so lovely. What a gorgeous girl she has turned into!

    The squirrels are adorable. Thanks for sharing these pics with us. XOXO

  13. oh poor Tommy! Leave the wound alone, please!!!

    The baby squirrels are adorable and I love Violette's violet bucket.

  14. oh Tommy - the return of the cone of shame.....

    LOVE the baby squirrels....what fun that will make TV

  15. Oh Tommy. Vraiment désolée pour toi. Pas facile d'être raisonnable quand on est un chien ou un chat. La collerette c'est terrible. Mais juste un mauvais moment à passer.

    Qu'ils sont mignons ces petits écureuils...

  16. What a bummer, Tommy! The dog here worries one of her paws sometimes, which is not good.

  17. Poor Tommy ! We hope that one or two days with the cone of shame will be long enough to heal your wound. Loupi and Zorro

  18. On dear, Tommy - not the dreaded cone!!! That's a pretty handsome red shirt you have on there, but we hope you leave it alone.

    Cool purple bucket - we hope it is filled with treats for Violette.

    Welcome to the now squirrels (well, we are trying to be polite).

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  19. Tommy you should have left your wound alone with the shirt on. Now you have the dreaded cone!

    Millie & Walter

  20. Tommy, we're so sorry about the cone of shame. We hope you heal quickly. We think you look very handsome in your t-shirt. The baby squirrels are absolutely precious! We bet they are very cute when they play. Oh, and that picture of Violette is spectacular. She is such a beautiful horse!

  21. Tommy, we didn't know that you were hurt! Sorry 'bout that cone thingy, it does make if difficult, doesn't it? We hope you're better real soon.

  22. So sorry you ended up wearing that cone of shame, but maybe it will heal up this way. Those squirrels gave us the giggles over here. So cute and funny.

  23. Sorry about the cone of shame. Hope you heal quickly so it can come off.

  24. Hi Tommy. Timmy told me about your ouchie so I had to say hello. I had a bad ouchie from hot water that I pulled onto myself. Dad tried the Cone-of-Shame but I broke to bits in one run through the house. His friend made me a nice tight shirt with velcro and, well, it was ok. I then got a inflatable collar that was cool too. Dad switched off between these so I got a break. Hope that helps with some ideas.
    Rumpy Bump Stumpnots


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