Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tama's Terrifically Thankful Tuesday!

Tama-Chan: The postman came to the door yesterday and brought us a wonderful looking box. We were expecting something as we were among the winners of the Blog Paws swag giveaway organised by our dear friends over at Twinkletoe Tails. It was really exciting to be able to enter as so many giveaways are limited to North American bloggers, and it was a huge thrill to win. But nothing could compare to the thrill or receiving and opening the heavy box that arrived!

Genji was first on the scene to supervise the opening:

But I wasn't far behind:

There was so much great stuff!

And the box was pretty cool too!

Tommy was thrilled at all the treats he got:

My Beebs then arrived on the scene to investigate:

And then Sei-Chan!

There were some yummy treats in there for #1 too!

But what really blew #1's socks off were the two containers of the most amazing looking horse treats for the Vs!

Violette actually got to try out both flavours of  treats and said they were really yummy (The Big V got different treats which another friend brought back from the States this weekend - what bounty!)

A simple thank you seems woefully inadequate in the face of such generosity, but we are sending a giant one to Oui-Oui, Julie, Mica Minnie Moo, Carlos and Mom Paula. You are THE BEST!


  1. What a great box of goodies to nom and toys too. Then there is the excitement of deciding who is going to sit in the box first!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. WOW look at that LOOT! We are good furiends of Oui-Oui, Julie, Mica Minnie Moo, Carlos and Mom Paula.

    I was talking to Mom Paula the other night on the phone, and she told me about all of the prezzies she sent to you and she was wondering when they would arrive. She will be soooo happy to see this!

    She truly is EXTREMELY generous and a truly wonderful person!
    I love her!

  3. Did we fall asleep and suddenly it was Christmas ? Wowzers- pressies for everyone. And you guys totally deserve it as you are so generous yourselves.

  4. that was one special win... packed full! we have been out of the loop, so its lovely to be visiting. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  5. How awesome! I'm glad your treat box contained treats for the big dogs!


  6. Oh wow! And horse treats TOO? I am impressed (and extra glad for Violette!)

  7. What a wonderful box of goodies! And how generous that everyone was remembered. Enjoy your special treats , special friends!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  8. wow - that is an AWESOME box (mom had to smile at the Old Bay included for #1). A little something for everyone :)

  9. Waouuuu ! Ca c'est une super boite. Moi aussi j'ai reçu une boite hier. Mais il y avait juste mes croquettes et mes sachets. Les gens chez qui Nat à Chat a commandé ont ajouté un petit sachet cadeau. Des morceaux de cœurs de poulet déshydratés. C'est super bon.
    Mais là vous avez un vrai trésor, avec en plus des jouets.
    Profitez en bien.
    Nat à Chat elle aime beaucoup la photo de Tama dans la boite. Elle dit que sa couleur est magnifique, et la ligne foncée sur le dos ressort super bien comme ça.
    Des ronrons pour tout le monde.

  10. Looks like you guys won the
    Have lots of fun with your new goodies!

  11. Concats, y'all got alot of loot! Have a great day. XOXO

  12. Oh what a great surprise! I might even consider being thankful...!

  13. How awesome that EVERYBODY got something! I love Oui Oui and her family - they are really great!

  14. Holy macaroni!!!!!! You made out like a bandit. Wonder if those people had our address
    Benny & Lily

  15. Ha, ha! Did I really pack ALL that stuff??? No wonder the box was so heavy! I worried about bursitis on the way to the post office. :) I am so glad everyone liked their treats, I couldn't forget anyone, especially the V's. We are a horsey family too, sans horses at the moment. Have fun and enjoy! Purrs!

    Your Stateside furriends,
    The TTT gang & Paula

    I apologize and will be in touch soon. Those tutorials are so time consuming!

  16. Mouseiez dere are so many treetz in dat box...fer all of ya!!! What a pawsum purrize!!! Me iz bery happy fer all da Chan Kittehz n Tommy n de Horsez too!!
    Dat box lookz purrty guud to...
    Well done Tama n Sei n BiBi n Genji!!!
    Yerz Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

  17. WOW!

    That was some stash-o-stuff!


    PeeEssWoo: Hey Tommy - that box is the purrrrrfekht size to send my chat!

  18. Oh my goodness! That box was better than Christmas! I bet you all are going to have lots of fun with your new toys and treats!!

  19. Wow! That was one well packed box full of goodies for all.

  20. Wow, that was one fantastic giveaway prize - look at all the goodies. And we too are very impressed that they were so kind as to include something for everyone including the V's.


    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  21. OMD! That is a huge box of goodies! How lucky that there was something for everyone.

    Millie & Walter

  22. WOW! That was an awesome prize you won!!

  23. Holy CAT! What a pawesome prize! That's terrific!

  24. What a wonderful present for you all! Fun!
    Lily, WA, USA

  25. Wow! That is a fantastic box of goodies from all at Twinkle Toes Tails, and something for everyone.

  26. I used the link and saw some of the art on their website. That is a lot of great stuff but sometimes the best gift of all is a box, our guys could play in that all day. Those are quite a few treats as well, it looks like a great prize.

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