Sunday, 2 June 2013

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: I must say that this has been rather a good week for snuggles at Poupounette Central. I shall, as always start with myself. Here I am, having a big snuggle with my Tommy:

Followed by a snuggle with #1!

My Beebs has been in a particularly snuggly mood this week. Here he is with Tommy:

And again:

And with #1:

It seems that, one afternoon, when I was having a nap in the study, the others were all having a mega-snugglefest in the living room! Sorry this is not a better photo, but here is Genji giving #1 a cuddle, whilst Tommy in turn is snuggling with (an almost invisible) Sei-Chan, and my Beebs is curled up on the bed behind #1's head:

You can see Sei-Chan better in this shot:

And here, you can see Tommy with my Beebs and Genji:

Tommy snuggled up with #1 at another time:

And getting a big smooch from Genji!

#1 getting a smooch from "Big V" Vidock:

And riding Violette which she now considers to be the ultimate snuggle!

We hope you all have a Sunday filled with sunshine, love and snuggles!


  1. You, too, #1! LSBnWNC

  2. Great snuggles and it's great to see #1 riding Violette.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. you have a veritable snuggle-fest going on there! We'll be right over!

  4. Nothing better than a nice snuggle all day long

  5. Looks like it was a good week for snuggles (and kisses) at your place! We love Snuggle Sunday! XOXO

  6. We so enjoy seeing how much the kitties love Tommy.
    He is the most amazing dog. Such a handsome face and such beautiful eyes so full of sweetness.
    Nice to see Violette and #1 together. Just the start of lots of good times ahead.

  7. Tama Chan
    I am so happy to see what a glowiously snuggly week all of you had this week
    It makes us feel wawm and snuggly all ovew
    smoochie kisses

  8. Lots of snuggles all around. We must say we do love that one of Tommy getting a kiss from Genji:)

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos - Phantom. Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. I see everyone got in on the action today - the last photo is my favorite!

  10. Great snuggles all around!


  11. Lots of good snuggling going on. Tommy is so sweet the way he snuggles with everyone.

  12. You win the must snuggly family award for sure. :)

  13. Tommy a la meilleures place.... centre de tous ces câlins.
    Tout ça prouve bien que les chats peuvent s'entendre entre eux et encore plus avec un chien.
    A moins que ce ne soit les Abys qui s'entendent particulièrement bien avec les chiens.
    Et ... ça fait d'agréables photos.
    En espèrant que le soleil fut là.

  14. I love these lovely snuggling photos!! I'd love to join the Mega-snugglefest! Gen-Chan giving Tommy a big smooch is so sweet :-)
    Happy snuggling Sunday, everyone!!

  15. What a snuggly bunch!!
    You always make us smile :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  16. Mowzers, you guys sure had a smooch-filled Sunday! looks like fun, mebbe we'd better give it a whirl...!

  17. Sweet Snuggles!

    Lily, WA, USA

  18. We love the smooches almost as much as all the snuggling! :)

  19. Oh Tommy, those kittys must love your beautiful soft hair
    Benny & Lily

  20. We love the Smoochie shots! And all those snuggles. What with the weather you are having, maybe it's a good time to snuggle a lot!

  21. What a sweet Sunday! And we love seeing how far Violette has come, such is the power of love, and it doesn't matter what your species is.

  22. Looks like Tommy is a snuggle magnet. We have to say that #1 has a huge smile on her face from atop Violette.

    Millie & Walter

  23. Oh Tommy!

    All those khat khooties ;-)


  24. Yea! #1 is riding Violette; they look so "together"...woo hoo!!

  25. Oh Wow!
    Snuggles at your house is so much fun!


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