Saturday, 29 June 2013

Sigh of Relief SEIturday

Sei-Chan: Wel, that was the week that was! We are all feeling quite exhausted after all that endless excitement, and ready to take it easy. #1 is safely at her cottage in Prince Edward Island. Ms. R is taking good care of us (and of the squirrels too!). What we are aiming for now is peace and quiet.

Before she left, #1 did a few photo shoots of me and was rather happy with the results, so here are a couple of photos for your viewing pleasure.

Firstly, #1 thinks this is one of the cutest photos of me asleep:

And how about this for a super portrait?!

Looking simultaneously adorable, serious and supervisory, don't you think?

I guess I have to do squirrel duty again this week. Here is a baby shot that #1 took just before leaving:

Well, at least he is a really good colour match with me!

But there is more!!! GUESS WHAT? Today is our FIFTH BLOGAVERSARY! To see our very first few posts, you can go here. Back then, it was just Tommy and Sen-Chan. We can barely believe we have been blogging for so long. It has been five years of wonderful encounters, terrible heartbreak, warm welcomes, and an ever-expanding family. We are glad we are The Poupounette and we are deeply grateful for all of you, Dear Friends.


  1. Hooray !!! HAPPY FIFTH BLOGAVERSARY !!!! and many more to come : )

    and sure ! Sei-Chan, your photos are adorable : )
    Have a great day

  2. They are wonderful pictures - you are looking most magnificent Sei-Chan.And a very happy fifth blogoversary: that is an achievement I was just a twinkle in my mommy and daddy's eyes at that point as I was born maybe in September 5 years ago! it has been wonderful sharing these years with you guys (and girls of course).

  3. Happy Blogoversary, everybuddy! Those portraits today are just fabulous! And baby squirrel is too cute!

    Hope your day is a purrfect day!

  4. Happy Fifth Blogaversary dear Poupounette family. xxoo

  5. Happy Happy Fifth Blogoversary!!!!! So happy to find you this year!!
    Prince Edward Island? I have been obsessed with wanting to visit there since Anne of Green are truly blessed!

  6. Happy Blogoversary! You look so adorable in the picture of you napping, and beautiful and luminous in your portrait. Baby squirrel is absolutely precious too!

  7. Happy Blogoversary! Your portrait is beautiful too.

    Millie & Walter

  8. Happy 5th Blogoversary! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and delightful family with us. God bless you all.
    Excellent portrait, dearest Sei! You have the most expressive little face! We hope that you like your sitter and won't miss your #1 too much!. Hugs and kisses.

  9. Happy 5th Blogoversary to you all and Happy Holiday to #1.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Those ARE adorable pics! Happy 5th Blogaversary! We hope everybody is doing well and #1 is having a good time. XOXO

  11. Cinq ans ... quelle longue aventure !
    Sei-chan tu es adorable sur la première photo, confortablement endormie, détendue. On dirait que tu as un doudou.
    Petit écureuil et tout mignon avec sa queue hérissée dans la lumière.
    Tout celà respire la quiétude et c'est bien !

  12. Happy 5th pals. Gosh, I think it must be about that for us too - or maybe it's 6. Glad #1 got to her cottage and you all are well and happy.

  13. Happy blogoversary, Sei! And how nice that it happens on SEIturday!

  14. Happy blogaversary ! 5 years blogging... Wow ! Loupi and Zorro

  15. Happy Blogaversary!!!!! Mommy got all squee-ey at your sleepy photo.

  16. You're almost as goofy as I am!?!

  17. Congrats on 5 great years of really good blogging!
    Sei, you enjoy your squirrel sitting this week - through the glass please!
    That is wonderful that #1 is all settled in and ready for a relaxing time! Enjoy yourself, #1.
    Lily, WA, USA

  18. Happy 5th Blogaversary!
    Sei-Chan, that photo of you napping is so sweet and adorable!

  19. Happy Blogoversary! Derby started about 7 and a half years ago. Will be eight in November.

    That pic of you sleeping is adorable.

  20. Happy Blogaversary!! And beautiful portrait!

  21. Sei-Chan, you're looking lovely! Happy Blogoversary! We love visiting you!!

  22. Happy Blogaversary
    Benny & Lily

  23. oh MOWZERS! Concatulations on #5! That's fantabulous!

  24. Happy 5th Blogoversary to you.
    I am glad everything has calmed down now.

  25. Yow Sei Chan me n Mum wantz to say Happy Bogaversary fer shure!!! Yer blog iz pawsum n we lubz to read all about all of ya dere!!! yer such a cutie Sei Chan n yer photo showz a kitteh wif awe-thor-itee!! n Baby red squirrel matchez yer coat bery nicely! ;)
    hab a guud weekend.
    Lub Nylablue n Mum xo


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