Monday, 17 June 2013

Manly Monday

Bibi-Chan: As #1 helps us put together our post for today, we are sitting in the midst of a big thunderstorm, complete with hail  and strong winds. Nothing like the tornadoes that some of our American friends have faced lately but impressive for us. So, this is probably going to end up being a fairly Sleepy Monday...

I started as I mean to go on by complaining loudly when #1 raised the duvet cover...

But I eventually decided to get up so I could help #1 with this post:

Genji: Could you spare a purr for me, please? I am going off to Dr. C's this afternoon for my shots. Last year, I was out of it for about 24 hours when I got my shots so, this year, I am getting a special little something to help me with it.

Just in case I'm a little tired, though, I spent a lot of time playing this weekend:

Tom: I shall be going along to Dr. C's as well. I always do anyway, but #1 wants Dr. C to have a look at my wound as she suspects it may be an abcess. The good news is that I am not licking it anymore, so no more cone!

Here is a pic from yesterday morning:

And one from Saturday. When we went to Ms. V and Mr. T's, they had two young guests who played ball with me!

Vidock: Ms. N has been spending a lot of time taking photos of. I quite like this one:

And #1 took this close-up yesterday after I had eaten my apples and carrots. I think it's very manly to have bits of apples and carrot on your nose, don't you?


  1. Bibi, we are having rain and maybe thunder today too! Sleeping for us.
    We will purr for you Genji and Tommy too.
    Vidock, we really like the pic of you and the snack on your nose ;) heehee
    Very Manly indeed,shows you like your food!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  2. We too had rain and hail and thunder yesterday.
    Sure was glad I´m a indoor cat then :)
    Pawsome manly picture you show us today !
    Sending "purrs" for both Genji and Tom that efurrything shall go/be great at the vet today

  3. Oh, I do hope the weather improves and all goes well at the vets!

    Vidock, sometimes I get a bit of my carrots and apples on my face, too, while drinking my smoothies! =)

  4. Bibi, we are having BIG rains and winds too. Thunder and lightening as well. When will it stay nice for more than 2 days I wonder? Vidock, VERY manly indeed. You should apply carrots and apples more often.

  5. will send you some sunshine, we aren't supposed to have rain for at least a week! Hoping all is ok with the wound.

  6. We hope the storm left soon. Good luck with the shots Genji, and paws crossed for Tommy. And we're not so sure about 'manly' for your nose Vidock! it is something but we're just not sure how to describe it, hehehe.

  7. yes Vidock, we do!!

    Gengi, we is purrring for you and we is purrring for you too Tommy!!!!!

  8. oh argh, we meant Genji! silly typist

  9. It looks as though you had an excellent meal Vidock but we'll pass today and won't be giving you a kiss!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Oh Tommy. I hope you get that taken care of! And all you guys are looking great, although Bibi, I am sorry that you had the duvet pulled off of you. I hate that.

  11. very manly. Beebs - mom says if she got attitude like that, she would have just put the cover back down :)

  12. Moi ... j'aurais remis la couverture en place et me serais éclipsée ... sur la pointe des pieds. Ca c'est un chat avec l'air pas content !

    J'espère que tout c'est bien passé chez le veto Genji, et surtout que tu ne seras pas malade après. Les vaccins c'est toujours un problème.
    Je t'envoie plein de ronrons magiques ...

  13. Those storms are nasty even if they aren't a tornado. When it thunders, I run for the basement as fast as I can and hide under the recliner. Nothing can get me there.

  14. Paws crossed that you do better with your shots, Genji! Binga has had bad reactions to shots in the past - I wonder why it hits some kitties differently than others?

  15. Hope everything goes well at the vets Genji and Tom.
    Haha! It looks like you are saving some of your apples and carrots for later Vidock.

  16. Gen-Chan, we are purring for you and hoping the vet visit goes smoothly. And Tommy, too.
    Vidock, you look very manly with bits of apples and carrots on your nose!

  17. You are in our prayers, dear Genji, and you are wrapped in our love and the love of your friends around the world. Please let us know that you are ok.
    Tom, we haven't forgotten our most wonderful dog. Paws crossed that all goes well for you.
    We love you both very much.

  18. Vidock! Now that is a nose that "knows" how to enjoy life! :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  19. Genji ,we hope all went well for you at the vet. Tommy...yay for losing that cone!

  20. Vidock, you are so funny! We will be purring for Genji & Tommy so the evil one will be good to them. And BiBi, we heard you all the way over here!

  21. We had stormies on Caturday night. Hope the VET visits all went well.

  22. We would scream at that weather too
    Benny & Lily

  23. I hope you two had a good trip to the vet without too much poking!

    And Vidock's nose looks extra cute with those carrot and apples bits :)


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