Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: #1 tells me we're not the only ones complaining about how cold it is for the season. It barely gets up to 15C during the day and that's not good enough for mid-May! Still, at least it's not raining (much) anymore!

We have been going in and out of the run but it's too cold to lie in the outdoor hammocks yet, so it's indoors for nap time. The other day, #1 caught me in mid-stretch as I was getting up:

And before I proceeded to this:

One needs one's beauty rests as waking hours are spent keeping the youngsters at bay...

We did have a bit of a scare yesterday with Sei-Chan who spent the day retching and throwing up white foam, and not eating. We were all worried, and #1 gave her a good dose of cat malt, and she and Tommy slept with her last night. Fortunately, she seems back to her usual self this morning, and had a good breakfast, but we would appreciate a few crossed paws that that's all there was to it.


  1. Tama, we understand the cool temps and higher than usual amount of rainy days!! We purr that ends soon, for both of ys!
    We purr Sei-Chan just had an off day and that she will be fine and healthy!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  2. That sounds ridiculously cold. We hope it warms up for you soon.

    Sounds like Sei-Chan had a rough day. We're glad to hear she's feeling better today, and we'll cross her paws that she'll keep feeling great.

  3. 3 sets of crossed paws and a few crossed fingers for Sei-chan!

  4. The weather over here in the States has been unpredictable. Hot enough for air conditioning one day then cold enough for an extra blanket the next night. But the weather in the Philadelphia area is always unpredictable. HuMom says if you don't like it just wait an hour or two. We are glad that Sei-chan is feeling better. HuMom says that's what I did when I accidentally ate a little bit of a flower arrangement. I just kept bring up white foamy bile. Of course it was the HuMom's fault. She left them on the counter when she went to see if our Grand HuMom wanted the flower arrangement for the office. She worries we might get in to them. Huh? Maybe she's right. Maybe.
    We have been enjoying your blog,
    Mistletoe & Hitch
    reader without blog

  5. We can understand you not wanting to get in your hammocks. We are having the heating on for an hour or so most evenings as our lounge faces north - ouch!
    We're glad Sei-Chan is feeling better today and is eating again. Lucy has like that on Sunday only she brought up bile - she didn't eat at all that day but made up for it yesterday!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. poor Sei-Chan....hope it was a one time thing

    we has the colds and then the hots and then the colds here. mom says "PICK ONE!!" to the mother nature lady :)

  7. We are glad that Sei-Chan seems to be back to her old self. Purrs to her. And you look very good!

  8. La tête de Genji.... !
    Tama, au moins maintenant tu peux aller dehors. C'est déjà ça, même si ce n'est pas possible d'y dormir. Ici il faisait doux et ensoleillé depuis 4 ou 5 jours. Mais aujourd'hui de nouveau plus de soleil et 16°C.
    Et comme le festival de Cannes commence demain.... et bien il va pleuvoir comme d'habitude ! Un peu marre de ce temps.
    J'espère que Sei-Chan va mieux.

  9. I have got my paws crossed for Sei-Chan. It is cold here too, around 11-12C and when the Beans came home they lit the wood burner again. They weren't expecting to do that until next winter.

  10. Hi Tama-Chan. It's kind of cool for May here, too. But it's nice you are not having much rain :-)
    Glad Sei-Chan is doing well after that, but we sure hope she is in full recovery.

  11. Paws crossed Sei-Chan just had a bit of an upset and that she is all right otherwise!

    It is too cold where you guys are! We are having a pleasant day today, but it was close to triple digits (Fahrenheit) over the weekend - I would have split the difference with you guys temperature-wise!

  12. Hoping Sei-Chan is doing well!
    And wishing you all better, warmer weather!
    Lily, WA, USA

  13. I have my paws crossed for Sei-Chan and hope it was nothing serious. We have only 8 deg here today and have the heating on still as it is cold. Lets hope it picks up soon. Hugs GJ x

  14. All paws crossed for Sei-Chan to be just fine.

    We are at 90 degrees F and climbing - so if you want warmth, come on over:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  15. You may have some of our heat! We were 106 (F) two days ago in the back yard.
    Maui sends warm whisker-kisses to miss Sei, and we hope it was merely a hairball.

  16. Prayers and purrs for our darling Sei-Chan. Please give her lots of cuddles and kisses from all of us and tell her how much we love her.
    That first photo of you is exquisite.

    You can have some of our heat too! We are running 10 degrees warmer than normal. 40C / 104 F. Too early to be this hot. We fear summer.

  17. I'm crossing my paws and purring for her. Don't want her to be sick. M just loves you kitties - she thinks you are all so gorgeous and I have to say so too.

  18. We hope Sei-chan is all better. It is finally getting warm here.

  19. Paws khrossed fur sure!

    It was -1 of YOUR degrees here last night -

    And we saw furiends in NE that had a snow not tooooooo long ago hit 100F degrees today -

    SOOOO wrong!


  20. We are glad Sei-chan is doing better and we are purring that she is well. We can put some of our sun's rays into a bottle for you guys. We had 34C yesterday and today is not any better.

  21. Sei-Chan, did #1 call the Vet? If she did what did he say? If not, I know you must be normal today. Thank goodness. xoxoxox

  22. Sending Purrs to Sei-Chan.
    We have had very cold weather here and they say the crops out west have not gone in. Another tough year for the farmers.
    Keep Warm


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