Sunday, 5 May 2013

Snuggles on Sunday!

Violette: Pretty Neighs, Everyone. I get to host the post today! Just look at this pic of #1 giving me a big hug:

Can you guess why she is hugging me, other than that she loves me? Yes! Yesterday, #1 rode me for the very first time. I would call it the ultimate snuggle! Just look at us:

Don't we look smooth together?

Two happy girls!!!

My brother, The Big V, Vidock, got some very special visitors a couple of days ago. Ms. S, whose place he was born at and where he lived until the end of last year, came to visit him, with her daughter, Ms. L, and niece, young Ms. L:

They were very happy to see him, and thought he looked fabulous!

Oh, and do you remember that young Ms. L was the very first person to get on Vidock's back last year? Well, she gave me a huge cuddle when she visited!

Back at Poupounette Central, the usual snuggling has been going on!

Tama-Chan with #1:

Sei-Chan under the covers with #1!

Genji with #1:

Sei-Chan and Tommy:

We think Sei-Chan's tail positioning in this one says it all!

And the Beebs snuggling under the covers. Notice the well floofilated sheet!

Wishing you all a lovely and snuggly Sunday!


  1. Incredible! Wonderful shots of #1 and Violette - what an experience!

  2. Hooray! And lovely snuggles all around! Have an awesome day, everybuddy!

  3. That is a beautiful shot of #1 and you Violette. You both looked really happy. We are happy to share snuggle pictures :)

  4. Yay Violette! We were so happy to see you and #1 riding together! It made us purr so loud...I'm sure you could hear us all the way across the ocean!

  5. Something tells me one of the furst pikhs of the two V's will be a skhreen saver fur a time!

    What happy happy smiles!

    PeeEssWoo: Oh Tommy - that chat khat is touching woo! When we went fur our walk Saturday night Butterskhotch was resting under The Zen-terra - she was still there when we returned

  6. Absolutely great post again. We just love all your pictures. The one where the doggie has his paw on the kitty is just priceless!

  7. Oh my mom and I both are just loving today's snuggles. Starting with beautiful Violette and studly Vidock all the way through. What love and comfort and trust here at Poupounette Central.

    I also love the well floofinated sheet but mom shuddered a bit. She's always getting the rubber glove out to rub over my black floof and get it removed from the surfaces wghere it rests. The rubber glove..Playtex actually works like a magnet on floof!

    Sei-Chan the the Beebs tails while the snuggle with Tommy are the sweetest trust of all.

  8. Now lest there is a misunderstanding, mommy rubs the glove over SURFACES where my furs rest..not on ME! I'd bite her if she did that and I'd be bald too. MOL

  9. Surement étrange au début d'avoir un humain sur le dos Violette. Mais c'est juste le début de beaucoup de moments de bonheur à partager.

  10. Excellent! Violette & #1 look purrfect together! What an amazing job, and Violette did so well. We're sending happy purrs to everyone over there.

  11. Excellent! Violette & #1 look purrfect together! What an amazing job, and Violette did so well. We're sending happy purrs to everyone over there.

  12. Violette, you are very beautiful! How wonderful that you and #1 got to ride together.

  13. To say that #1 is beaming from riding you Violette would be an understatement. Well done both of you.

    Millie & Walter

  14. Violette, you are looking wonderful. And those were some marvelous snuggles!

  15. Paws up, Violette! You and #1 look like you were made for each other!

  16. Violette! The photos of you and #1 riding area excellant! You both looked so pleased! Awesome!
    And all the other snuggles and photos are just great! Thanks for making my day by sharing them. Keep snuggliing!
    Lily, WA,USA

  17. We are so happy #1 can now go riding with you, Violette! It looks like you are both really enjoying it. Your Sunday snuggles pics are beautiful as always. Thanks for sharing your snuggles with us.

  18. That is so cool that #1 was able to ride you!

  19. Violette! Yous and #1 looks like a match made in heaven! All the other snuggles was cute, but that one was the bestest!

  20. Violette, you and #1 look so good together!!
    We always love to see all those snuggles too. They make us feel warm and fuzzy and we smile all day!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  21. Hurrah for Violette and #1! A perfect pairing! And Violette, you look extra beautiful.
    Love to see all of the love at your house!

  22. YAY for Violette and #1 !
    Furry nice to see you two out for a ride.
    All your snuggly Pictures are lovely ( as usual) ♥♥


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