Monday, 27 May 2013

Musical Manly Monday

Tom: Hi Everyone, and Happy Day Off to our friends in North America and the UK! I am hi-jacking the title of today's post as I am the only "musical" participant. You see, #1 and I went out to dinner at a restaurant with friends on Friday evening. There was great Irish music playing but it's only as we made to leave that we realised there were actual, live musicians in the next room! So, we sat down to enjoy it a bit more, and #1 took a short video of me:

In other news, I am romping through the fields when the weather permits, but as you can see, the grass is growing really tall, and #1 has to pick out the spikelets from in between my toes every day!

She says it's safer to be on the field next to Vidock's where there is nothing!!!

The Beebs: Here I am, enjoying squirrel TV with Mama Tama:

Yes, I am quite a lot bigger than she is!!!

It turned out to be really tiring work...

Genji: Actually, snacking is hard work too...

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you that I got another mousie (#1 did not appreciate the 6am ruckus...) and also a lizard tail. They make awesome toys!

Vidock: We have had so much rain that the regular entrance to my field is almost like a pond, so #1 has been bringing me my snack bucket around the other side, and she has been taking some photos of me in motion!


  1. Tommy, nice lively music to enjoy on your outing with #1 :)
    Gee! Mouse catching and a lizard tail!!! Fun!!
    Julie caught a mouse last week and she left it in the kitchen for Mom, heehee
    We don't have any lizards.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  2. What fantastic pictures. That lizard's tail sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. We were hoping to see you and #1 dance an Irish jig Tommy - may be next time. We didn't realise how much bigger Bibi is compared to his Mama Tama. Glad to see #1 had some sun when she brought you your snacks Vidock.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. How well-mannered you are, Tommy. Our Chi-Chi would have been howling. Heh-heh!
    Great work on the mousie and lizard, Genji. Impressive hunting skills!
    Vidock, once again you leave the Mommy breathless! Happy Monday! xoxo

  5. Tommy, you are just a good example for ALL of the others in the family..but of course they too are example to us all. Genji, great work in stalking and capturing! I expect no less! You Beebs...wjat studies in concentration. Yes, very hard work indeed. Rest. You deserve it after all that work watching squirrel TV. Vidock...what a manly stallion you are! All the girl horses are staring in admiration!!

  6. We like lizard tail. It's the only thing we are allowed to hunt...well sometimes the lizard as well (as long as san didn't catch us). But the mousie! WOAH!

  7. Love the music. What a great weekend you all have had.

  8. Wonderful music. And a lizard tail - excellent! We are jealous. Swap it for squirrel tail ?

  9. the music was delightful and seeing you made it that much better! Made me want to dance!

  10. Tommy ... tu te fais avoir là ! Ton champs il n'est pas très fun ! Il faut réclamer.
    Genji tu es un grand chasseur. Moi quand je rentre les lézards dans la maison je me fais engueuler après parce que .. ça attire les fourmis. Pas de ma faute si ils sont pas résistants !

  11. I have never had a lizard tail, but it sounds delicious. Well done catching the mousie Genji.
    Running in the long grass is fun but it is not fun when those seed spikes embed in your toes Tom. I like to jump around in the grass. Mum says I am like Zebedee.

  12. My human enjoyed the music... I enjoyed hearing Genji's hunting exploits! Lizard tails do make fun toys, but I think the lizard itself is MORE fun!

  13. We finally got some rain and lots of it this morning. Lots of noise and lights too. Now our yard is like a pond. Pretty soon our grass will be as long as your field's, Tommy. We have to be wary of tall grasses here because of all the ticks out there.

    Hoping you all get some sun this week.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. I'm sure Murray and Clive loved your khlip!

    Thanks fur sharing all those manly pikhtures!

    Of khourse, woo are in my favourite ones!


  15. It appears that you are getting a little sunlight...all the better to appreciate the multi-species Manliness!

  16. Tommy, how nice you got to enjoy the live music!
    I love the photos of Vidock in motion very much.
    Happy Monday everyone xoxo


  17. Did any of you dance a little jig?! Teehee.

    Vidock you are looking beautiful romping in those green , green fields.

    It is also pouring rain here all the time . Good for the garden but not so much our spirits!! :(

    the critters in the cottage xo

  18. Oh we've never had a lizard tail! That sure sounds like a fun toy!!

    Vidock, we always enjoy seeing you run in your field!

  19. The girls here swoon over all the handsome, studly mancritters at your house! We aren't sure which we'd prefer, a nice warm mousie or a lively lizard tail.

  20. Looks like every buddy is romping
    Benny & Lily

  21. Yow dat mousie never stood a chance wif ya on da job!!! Tommy dat muscik waz bery cool n me lissened to it wif da pricky earz.
    Violtette dat field iz lookin mighty wet!! We haz alot of soggy ground here too...sum cwazy Spring it haz bin!!!
    Lub Nylablue xo


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