Friday, 3 May 2013

Family Friday!

Gen-Chan: Hi Everyone! The Shining Prince here! I have been bugging #1 to do a Family Friday post because I want to tell you all about my cousin! You see, I have a Blue Aby cousin called HISIA who has her own blog! I discovered it quite by chance and just love it! Hisia is one year old (oops! She just corrected me! She is 9 months old!), and both her parents come from the cattery where I was born, so we are cousins. She lives in Provence, and goes on adventures in a harness with her #1:

Isn't she pretty? Her blog is only in French but you can find at "Bleue comme Aby" here. Hisia shares her life with a lovely tabby girl called Loustiquette and they have many wonderful adventures!

For comparative purposes, here is a photo of me:

Tom: I have a fun picture to share with you of my daddy with one of my sisters!

My daddy, Joe, is on the right, trying to hang on to to that tennis ball whilst on the left is my sister, Lydia, trying to get it away from him. No respect!

I am continuing to feel better, and here is a photo of me in the fields this morning:

Vidock: Studly Neighs, Everyone! Guess what? A couple of days ago, #1 went to the place where Violette and I used to live, and where I was born, and she got to see my daddy, mummy and sister!

Papa Orgueil:

Mama Jessy:

And Little Sis Altesse:

Altesse is really hard to photograph as she will not stand still! But she is a beauty, really tall and leggy. We think she may end up being taller than me!

And here is a pic of me too:

Wishing you all an excellent Friday. We have sunshine here!


  1. Whitney and Caramel Delight were khwite impressed!

    What a pawesome khollekhtion of photos today -

    Of khourse, TOMMY'S ROKHKED!


  2. MOmmy said she remembers #1 speaking of Altesse! And Vidock, you look like your daddy in the face. Tommy, how wonderful that you are feeling well again and playing and that you get to see your daddy and sister is so nice!
    Gen-Chan you are a good bit darker than your lovely sister. I will visit her today.

  3. You all have great looking family members. Family is always important.

  4. We're so pleased Mr Sun has arrived in France and hope Mr Rain goes for a long nap! Nice picture of you Tommy - your ears look rather damp after all your rain. Genji - how lovely to be able to see your sisfur on her blog - we hope you did her a comment!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Your kitty cousin is just gorgeous. I don't think we have seen a kitty with that color of furs. Tommy, is was fun seeing your Daddy too. And it is always fun to see the horses. Take care.

  6. Hewo sweet Fwiends
    how wondewful that you know so many of youw families and they awe all wondewful and bootiful

    tommy, I'm so happy that you awe feeling bettew
    smoochie kisses

  7. that was a great tour of your family trees.....

  8. Aby sure is beautiful
    Benny & Lily

  9. HISIA is a gorgeous gal! But of course! So much gorgeous all the way around today, in fact!

    Have a sunshine-y day, everybuddy!

  10. Hisia : Bonjour cousin Genji. Merci de m'avoir accueillit ici en me mettant en plus en premier.
    Tous ces chevaux ils sont impressionnants et beaux. Nat à Chat elle en a une à la retraite, mais elle est beaucoup plus petite !
    Et ... faut jamais vieillir les filles, même sa cousine. J'ai juste un peu moins de 9 mois...C'est peut être pour ça que je suis plus claire que toi. Un peu trop claire pour une bleue..

  11. Hisia is very pretty - good looks run in the family:) We will have to check out the blog and put Mom to work using her French:)

    Happy Family weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Hisia is very cute! It's nice seeing everyone's family. I wish I had photos of my mother, but my breeder lost them in a computer crash (my mom is retired now and lives with another family). The only photos I have of my dad are on the cover of Cat Fancy (he was on there twice!).

  13. Oh My! Hisia is beautiful, Gen! Your family must all be wonderful! I will go to her blog but don't really read French well enough to get it all... but I bet the photos are awesome!
    Love to all your families,
    Lily, WA, USA

  14. Hisia is so pretty! Thanks for introducing us to her. You are one good looking family!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. What a bee-u-tiful cousin you have Genji. We may need to learn French so we can read her blog!

    Altesse seems to have a thinner face than Vidock. How old is she now?

  16. Well it is quite obvious that good looks run in Genji, Tommy, and Vidock's families!

    Mommy says it's no wonder you have a purrfect pink nose spot!

    Pee Ess - on our post yesterday - a crossbow is fired with a trigger, as opposed to a conventional bow, where you have to pull it back. In many states you need to have a permit (signed by a physician) stating that you are physically handicapped to use one.

  17. Hisia is beautiful!

    Oh wow, Vidock, your papa looks so rakishly handsome with his dashingly messy forelock. I'm sure he made a lot of lady horses swoon in his time and continues to do so.

    Yay for Tommy!

  18. OMC!! luvluvluv the family photos!! How fun!

  19. Wow! Is not family fun!


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