Saturday, 2 March 2013

SEIturday Woes

Sei-Chan: Well, Dear Friends, things did not go as we would have wished and the Big Cat did not pass her test. There's nothing major that's wrong but the trick is now for #1 to see if she can get the work done whilst she's over there, not easy when you'r moving about constantly. Her horsey friends ae trying to help. We are crossing paws furiously.

I have been sending encouraging vibes to #1:

I am also prepared to stare down the mean people if need be:

#1 has also been getting lots of encouragement from her younger little great-niece, Mae:

And by the way, #1 says she has been shopping for us too, despite it all...


  1. Uh-oh! I hope things can get fixed before #1 has to return. That is a bummer.

  2. Oh noes! I'm sure #1 will get it all sorted... if not, tell her to hold Miss Mae! Certainly Mae will brighten anyone's day! Gorgeous!!!

    Have a YAYful day, everybuddy!

  3. Bummer on the big khat news -

    Of khourse, had it been a big khanine...

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Hope your khamp is fun like mine was!

  4. Oh nooz , that the BIG cat didn´t pass the test :(
    Keep my paws crossed that #1 can fix it whils´t she is over there !

  5. We're sorry the Big Cat didn't pass that important test - but hope #1 can get it done while she is in the UK. Maybe #1 should take Baby Mae to the garage so she can shout at the Big Cat for failing her test.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Aww we think Mae will lift #1's spirit she would get the Big Cat seen to. Your constant watch will be an added bonus

  7. Oh, darn it, that is too bad. We sure hope it is a quick and not too costly fix so #1 can enjoy her visit and then get back home to all of you. That little Mae sure is a cutie.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Mae is beautiful, sweet and adorable too. I'm so wishing that things will go well for #1 though. xox

  9. Oh, what a pain for #1. We say she takes Mae to the car repair shop and the staff will RACE to wait on such a pretty face!

  10. I'm sure things will sort themselves out!


  11. Oh no I am keeping paws crossed and purrs going that it can be sorted out.. Hugs GJ xx

  12. We hope everything gets sorted out. Baby Mae is adorable.

  13. We have all our feets crossed
    Benny & Lily

  14. Oh our mommy feels #1's pain - although hers is not a CAT per se. But it's sure old and *cough* grumpy, she sez!

  15. Not good that the metal monster cat failed the test. Purrs that all works out for the best.

  16. How terribly stressful. Sweet Mae ( lovely name) will help smooth over bumpy times.
    Love you lots, Sei.

  17. We like the picture of the human kitten as much or more than the two of you, Sei-chan.

  18. Oh Dear!
    We sure hopes #1 can get everything all worked out and back home to yous soon!
    PS the baby is adorable!

  19. Keeping our paws crossed that #1 gets her car sorted out! Not nice having car problems!!

    - Clive & Murray


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