Monday, 18 March 2013

Manly Monday

Tom: It rained almost the entire weekend, and it's raining again today. The fields are all squishy and everyone is so fed up with the weather. So, could we ask for some sunshine vibes from our friends who have some?

Here is a photo of me #1 took last week, on a day when we had some sun:

But today, I have something, or rather someone, very exciting to show you! You see, my Dad, Joe, has come to live in Normandy, with the girls! He is an older gentleman, at 11, and he has been quite stiff since an accident, but I know that with the kind of loving care he will get from Ms. A, Mr. R and the Girls, he is going to be full of beans very soon. Here he is on his arrival in France:

Please note the ball!

And here is on his first romp on a French beach!

This means that next time #1 and I go up to Normandy, I will get to stay with my Mum and my Dad as well as my sisters, aunt and niece!

Bibi-Chan: With the bad weather we have been having, we haven't been spending much time in the run at all. Thank goodness for bird and squirrel TV!

And comfy beds to nap in!

Gen-Chan: #1 always says that I am really good at entertaining myself. When she changed the blankie covers on Tommy's sofa, I found a great new play space!

Vidock: Neighs, everyone! Muddy Boy here! It's very manly to have your #1 watch over as you're eating your apples and carrots!

It's also very studly to have a snow moustache! This photo was taken by Ms. N last week, when we had that bit of snow:

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Vidock, Did #1 is drooling ?..tee..heh

  2. and here in Sweden we had snow , cold and sunshine :)
    YAY, that your dad has come to live in Normandy Tommy so you can meet him moore often !
    Happy monday to you all :)

  3. Wow, Tommy, that is great news. I'll bet your dad really enjoys seeing what a fine son he has and practicing being manly with you.


  4. Hi Men!!! you all are looking good!!!!

  5. We will do our best to send you sunshine vibes...but we're in the Pacific NW so don't know how that will work. We mostly get liquid sunshine too!



  6. We have sunshine this morning! However, it has also gotten a bit chilly as well.

    Nice to meet your dad, Joe. He is quite a handsome gentleman.

    Hope you see some sunshine soon.


  7. So great to see you manly furriends! We would send sunshine and warm weather, but somehow ours got lost today. Sending you salutations and greetings from the warmth our kitteh beds!

  8. Tommy, your dad is beautiful! A very elegant gentleman, he holds his years well. This is so exciting for you and us too! We well be looking forward to seeing more of him. The TLC and the love of the family will work wonders.
    Kisses to Bibi, Genji, Vidock and now Joe!

  9. Hi Tommy, We have mostly grey skies too, but our precipitation comes in the form of snow since it's still so cold. Let me know if you get any sun and maybe you could send some my way.


  10. Wow - a full family reunion is possible for you Tommy - incredible. We have clear skies here but it is very cold - so no snowy whiskers just ice. Brrrrr.

  11. Gosh you guys, I would send you some of our sunshine but we just got it and I kinda wanna keep it for a day or two, but after that I will send it right over.

    Tommy, I almost felt as cool as you on Saturday when I went to the ranch. I told them horses how me and Vidok took a trip to Canada over the holidays

    and I guess that eased thier minds some cause then they let me come in and meet them and the babies.

    I think I could really dig living a life like yours. I know My Vickie could.

    Stay dry and warm kitties, and Tommy, I'll meet ya in the field for a game of romp.


  12. What a great reunion when your Dad comes to live in Normandy Tom - we bet you'll have lots to catch up on. May be you'll get a game or two of ball together. We had snow yesterday again although it didn't settle and it was very cold. Today we have sunshine which is very welcome but it is still furry cold!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  13. We had nice, sunny weekend, but we are expecting some rain this week. I hope sun will come to you and we have it back, too! I love Vidock's snow moustache photo :-) Have a wonderful new week!

  14. SUCH good news about your Dad, Tommy. And to visit your family like that is a blessing, isn't it?

    We are also having a cold rain. We sis get two days of sun in amonst all of the rain though.

  15. At least ours is mostly just rain although supposedly we are having one last wintery storm (we hope it's the last), but still just rain so far!

  16. Gen-Chan, we love your new play place! And MOWZERS, what a studly snow moustache!!

  17. Today was ...Giboulées de Mars : Rain on the morning and sunshine the afternoon with a very nice mediterranean blue sky.
    Ronrons for ... Gengi !

  18. I wish I could send you all some sun... but it is overcast here today!

  19. Tommy, we see where you got half of your good looks, hee hee!

    We have TONS of sun so we'll send it your way...

    ::pushing sunbeams::

  20. We would send you warmth and sunshine, but we don't have any to send!

  21. We will send you all our sunny vibes but we have to admit you all look wonderfully happy and cute all tucked in your various beds and blankets :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  22. Tommy, we thought your Mom was beautiful, now look at your Dad - Joe is handsome. You are one lucky boy. And oh yes, we didn't miss the ball:)

    Squishy grounds here too, and more wet on the way. The Momster isn't too happy:(

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  23. We are looking forward to seeing your next visit with all your family
    Benny & Lily

  24. What great news that you would be able to romp Bout with your dad as well Tommy. We can give you a lot of our sun. We had sun everyday and today it was very hot at 9 am! san says our sun for some of your rain is a great deal.


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