Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Water Games on Wednesday!

Tom: Hi Everyone! As you know, we have had endless rain for longer than any of us can remember, and sunny days have been few and far between. We had one such day on Monday, and #1 and I set out to spend a little time with the Vs. Because it was sunny and fairly warm, Ms. C and Ms. N were outside, as was my buddy Harley, when we arrived. On our way to say hello to Violette, we realised that the ring which is used to train young horses is now officially a swimming pool. Too bad for the horses and humans, but time for water games for us woofies!!!

Let me check the water temperature...

It's perfect, Harley. You can come in!

Hey! I didn't mean you could steal the stick of wood!

OK, #1, I'm ready for the next one

and ready the other way too...


I think I'll hang on to that one for a while

Now if only we could have several days of sunshine in a row!


  1. We have had endless rain here also. The flooded schooling ring looks like a lot of fun for you to play in though. Ours has wood chip in it and we like to use it as a giant litterbox, but that is partly flooded too.

  2. Tommy, you are a happy doggie in the whole wide world !
    And you always show me how to do a weird thing like play with the water and stick . I'm not sure I can do that. But I'm enjoy to watch.
    Thanks Buddy

  3. That looks like a good time Tommy. We are glad that at least you had a good time with your buddy

  4. Tommy - we loved seeing you enjoying time with Harley - hope you enjoyed your swim. We are hoping it will be sunny soon - it is snowing hard at the moment and has started to settle again BUT it is supposed to be better here starting tomorrow - Mum has got her fingers crossed but says she'll believe it when it happens.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN! I hope you get lots of sunshine-y day, Tommy!

  6. What a perfect pool! Great pics of your sunshine-filled day. xoxo

  7. you certainly looked like you were having fun!! we hope you get some sun soon.....

  8. Tommy, you always make your day fun no matter what.

    Yesterday mum watched the Westminster Dog Show. The winning English Springer Spaniel was certainly lovely but didn't have a face as beautiful as yours.

  9. It sure is soggy over there. Glad you were able to make the most of it and have a fun time playing in the water. I hope you didn't have to get a bath after though.


  10. Tommy, I only suspected it, but now I know for sure: dogs are crazy! Why would you guys want to frolic in a muddy pond?! Ick, do you realize what a pain that is to wash off?

    Oh, wait a minute, you guys don't wash yourselves. Well, I still think it is nuts.

  11. It is a real swimming pool! That could be fun
    Benny & Lily

  12. OMD Tommy! Your #1 is as indulgent as our LP!! We bet you were nice and mucky after that little game of fetch :)
    Sun, here in Vancouver after days of rain but just a short, hour walk for us because LP has deadlines!! Blah!

    Duffy and Issa XO

  13. Oh goodness, we kitties would not like all of that wet. Our wet from last weekend is all frozen.

  14. Done like a true sporting dog! It always amazes the mom to see dogs eagerly jumping in water in November during retrieving competitions. And they love it!

  15. Oh, that looks like so much fun, Tommy! I will keep my paws crossed for more sun for you :)

  16. Mowzers, that looks liek fun, Tom! (except for the stolen stick, MOL!) We're enjoying sunpuddles today - but it's mighty chilly outside over here!

  17. I don't know about Khousin Harley but I KNOW Khousin Merdie loved her water!

    Princess Rainkhloud Siberian Sponge
    PeeEssWoo: Each trip out results in a wipe down before I'm pawmitted off my tether - what's up with that?


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