Sunday, 17 February 2013

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Today is our third day of sunshine and we are sliding into this feeling of sunpuddly bliss.

Lots of snuggling this week. Here I am first, sharing a special moment with #1:

... and a cuddle with Tommy:

And here is Tommy snuggled up with #1:

None of you will be surprised to hear that Genji spent a lot of time snuggled up to #1...

...covering her in kisses:

The Beebs snuggled with Tommy:

As of course did Sei-Chan:

And she got some cuddles from #1:

Tommy and Genji are always cute together:

And we have some Vidock snuggles too:

Struck out again with Violette this week but she is being moved to a different field next week, where it will be easier!

Last but not least, we got a visit from our friend Harley the other evening. Talk about making himself right at home...

You should have seen him playing with Genji and The Beebs!


  1. Hooray for sunshines and snuggles! It's quite chilly here now which of course is No Good! It does make snuggling more appealing, though! srsly.

    Have a perfect day!

  2. Will you still get more rain? I bet everyone is happy to see some sun!


  3. Oh there is nothing like sunpuddles to make the world right and bright! I am so glad you got them and all of those snuggles were a fit celebration of having #1 to snuggle with, one another AND sunpuddles too. Riches!

  4. Sounds GREAT with all that sunshine and snuggles :)
    Harley sure made him right at home right away :)

  5. Sun and love... what else can you ask for?

  6. So glad you still have sunny weather. I always love your snuggle pictures.


  7. We must admit we're enjoying the sunshine too - we've enjoyed all your snuggly pictures. The Beebs looks as though he is giving Tommy a lovely massage.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. It sounds positively idyllic at your place right now! My human's boyfriend's band just finished playing in Spain (actually the last two shows were Basque gigs) and is going up through France - I always think of you guys when he reaches this part of the tour because he is physically closer to you than I probably ever will be!

  9. Nothing shy about Harley, is there!
    Our mum was watching a TV show about cats that said being licked by their mum was one of the first tactile experiences they remember and it is associated with caring, comforting and belonging. Same when we pet them. So when a cat licks you, it's passing along the feeling of caring comforting and belonging to you. Genji obviously adores his #1 on many levels.

  10. Oh sunpuddle snuggles - we are so jealous of this. We have snowy snuggles here :( Have a great day.

  11. You kitties and doggies and very large horses, do know how to cuddle. Well done. Love the picture of Harley. But then all the pictures are good. Take care.

  12. WE have had two days with sunshine in a row!

  13. Sunshine and snuggles AND Genji kisses? Life is good!

  14. Genji looks like he just saw a monster in the first photo, ha ha ha!

    We are so happy it's still sunny there, it even appears that Vidock's field is drying out.

  15. What could possibly be better than sunshines and snuggles?!?

  16. Glad you have sunshine!! Snuggles go better with sunshine!!
    We loved these snuggle pics too :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  17. We love seeing you all snuggling!!

  18. We have never snuggled with a cat. That is a tall order for a terrier, but you do it well, Tommy!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  19. That's a lot of snuggling! We hope you had a very restful Sunday.


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