Monday, 18 February 2013

Manly Monday

Bibi-Chan: Greetings, one and all! Did you have a good weekend? We enjoyed our sunshine! I for one indulged in some sunpuddle bathing:

And general sitting around looking handsome:

Genji: I did my share of napping on my favourite blankie:

And joining my siblings in watching our multiple Nature TV channels:

I also like to hang out with #1 when she watches TV and play with the camera strap!

Tom: I have a new kitty friend I would like to introduce you to:

His name is Marcel and he belongs to Ms. L. Doesn't he look just huge in this photo? Actually, he's not that big but he and I get on really well!

#1 took this rather soulful close-up of me the other day:

And here I am in the sunshine with my ball:

Vidock: How about a nice close-up?

And a full body shot too?

And here I am with Mr. L. It gives you an idea of my size...

Wishing all our friends a good week.


  1. A message from Marcel: Yippee! I finally got my photo on the blog with my new friend Tommy! And I AM a big cat!

  2. Bibi, when your page shows up, I saw your leg as a chicken thigh !!! ( sorry, must be My Diet's effect )

    and paw shake " Hello Marcel, Nice to meet you "

    Tommy ! I never see doggie's nose this close !!!! Guess what ? I can hear your sniff me..and I smell wonderful...tee..heh..heh

    Vidock, I feel so good when I see you. I feel like I'm a little kitten...tee...heh

    Have Fun Monday

  3. Vidock, you are indeed dappling. I remember when I first met you. Everyone is handsome and charming. And Marcel, how lovely to meet you. Tommy, that nose makes mommy smile but I'm not sure why. It may be the beautiful mauve color though I am thinking. XXOO

  4. Marcel is quite handsome! Perfect for a Manly Monday!

    Actually, you all look quite handsome, no doubt grateful for sunshines at last!

    Tommy, your closeup is particularly handsome!!

  5. Three cheers for Manly Monday! We enjoyed it immensely. Looks like all of you had a good weekend without rain.
    Tommy, we just love that closeup of you. Purffect for dreaming of smooching your nose!
    Have a great week, furriends. xoxo

  6. Those are wonderful sunshine pictures. We glad the sunshine is with you at last

  7. Marcel has beautiful gleaming black fur and such big eyes - we're sure Tommy will be a special friend to you. Genji you look so comfy on your favourite blankie while Bibi takes his bath. We bet you're glad it's stopped raining Vidock!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. So much manly-ness

    And some of it soooooo furry tasty -

    We have SUN and the winds have subsided -

    'They' are using the 's' word fur tomorrow but with the temperatures, not sure it will happen -


  9. Hi there Marcel. We love black cats and so glad we got to meet you.
    Vidock, you have such a nice look on your face. I bet you are a really nice horse. I love a horse with a kind eye like that.

  10. So glad the sun is continuing for you. Loved all the manly shots today.


  11. Happy Monday to all of you. We have sun puddles too.

  12. Marcel is a very handsome kitty! And he is my favorite fur color (other than Ruddy, which is the "color" of my agouti coat) - black!

  13. Marcel, can you mime?!! Heehee.Handsome boy :)
    You all look happy and busy and well.And Vidock, you are getting so muscular!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  14. are you practising for the ballet?
    Benny & Lily

  15. It's great to see all you men! Vidock, you are looking especially handsome!

  16. All you manly kitties, pups, and ponies are looking handsome, as always! ...not that Vidock is anywhere near pony size :)


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