Monday, 11 February 2013

Manly Monday

Tom: I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a good Saturday but it poured with rain all day Sunday so we couldn't even spend that much time outside with #1. Pooh! Anyway, last week when it was sunny one day, #1 took a very manly photo of me!

On the fun side of things, I did go out for pizza with #1 and a friend on Friday. This was the scene at the start of the meal:

And this was the scene at the end. The nice pizza guy actually brought pizza bits just for me!

I do love going out for pizza!

Bibi-Chan: I love this photo:

I am sleeping blissfully and my Mama, Tama, is watching over me!

And here is another shot from the other day's "crossed paws" shoot, this time in profile:

Genji: Hi! I got a photo shoot too! The Shining Prince at your service:

It was exhausting...

Vidock: Is this not a beautiful sight?

Nothing like coming in after a day out in the rain to fresh straw, and a great meal!

Followed by dessert!

Here's wishing you a good week. We have friends who are very poorly, others who are recovering from surgery, and some who are waiting for test results. And of course, there are those under piles of snow. We are with  you all in spirit.


  1. Tommy, I have to say your first photo is very very handsome. The lady doggie will swoon so bad here.
    And Genji, what's up buddy ? Look like you see something pawsome !
    Have a great day all of you

  2. Happy Monday Everyone! Yes Indeed, Tommy you look great on your pictures ahaha!post more photos please! Have a great day Guys!



  3. Going out for pizza - wow! No need for a doggie bag, hehehe.
    And those are fantastic manly shots. Genji - what a fine set of teeth you have!

  4. Me and myu mom-person are soooo envious that you can bring your woffie or cat to restaurant´s in France.
    If you try to do that in Sweden you will most sertain get kicked out :(
    Tommy you do look furry manly in the first picture !
    Happy monday to you all :)

  5. Wow, Tommy that first picture of you is just great. And love the pictures of the kitties. That straw does look inviting Viodoct. Hope all of you have a super day.

  6. Thank goodness you got some pizza Tommy it would just have been too cruel for you to have gone hungry. Bibi's pictures are lovely but we must say that Genji on his floofy blanket was our favourite for today. Vidock you look such a different colour in your second picture - more sort of grey - but we could see you were enjoying your dessert.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Adorable pictures. So nice to see everyone again.

  8. What a great photo, Tommy!


  9. Tommy you look all clean and handsome! No mud on you on a sunny day :) In fact you all look happy, healthy and sunny despite the rain! We have been getting a few days of sun and have really appreciated it! Tommy, Duffy would do anything to be able to get pizza pieces at a restaurant. Lucky boy!

    the critters in the cottage xo

  10. You are looking very lovely and handsome...... we can't believe Tommy got to go out for pizza - very cool!!

  11. Well done on the paws!

    PeeEssWoo: Oh Tommy - I SO wish I was a Euro khanine - getting to go fur pizza would be SO much FUN!

  12. Tommy got his own pizza? How nice of them.

    Mum says she is glad Vidock gets to come inside for a nice bed, meal and the dessert too.

  13. We love getting a look at all those handsome men on Monday!

  14. Seeing you boys is always a great start to my week!

  15. Great shots! Hey, is there any pizza left over?

  16. Vidock, Mommy says your dessert looks like her dinners! You all are looking especially manly and handsome this Monday.

  17. Very Manly Tommy, and handsome too !
    All these pictures make us smile as we love to see you all :)
    Sorry you had rain Tommy. We had snow and it was light and easy for Mom to move. You would have had a ball playing in it.It is better than rain :)
    Not nearly as nice as sunshine though.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  18. What a great Manly Monday! Me so enjoys watching yous guys!

  19. It is so lovely seeing all of you and Vidock, you look as though you are very happy. Vidock, Tama, Tom, Ginji and Bibi-Chan...kisses to you all.

  20. We love seeing you all in the sun!! We hope the sun comes back to visit you soon. And Tommy...that pizza looks good!!

  21. Those are all fun photos...but we just LOVE the paws crossed profile!!!
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  22. What a bunch of very handsome, manly man critters! Its a great way to start the week. And Tommy, how special you got your own pieces of pizza!

  23. Mowzers, sounds like you had quite the outing Tom! We wonder if our human would get pizza bites to bring home if she told them the three of us were waiting for her?

  24. What wonderful manliness all around today! And, Tommy! How handsome you are! That is one of my most favorite photos of you! And PIZZA?


  25. Oh Tommy, you have tasted pizza?! You lucky, lucky pup. I have only smelled this heavenly food, but maybe one day I will get to taste it too :)


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