Sunday, 13 January 2013

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Has it already been a whole week since our last SoS post? I am losing count of days, maybe because it's been an odd week. The weather is still awful, the Christmas tree is still up, and #1's sciatica is better but still lurking. Anyway, we have tried to do her proud this week, so let's see what we've got.

Let's start with me sharing a special moment with my Tommy:

And another...

Tommy says "Khyra, how about those hind paws, then?"!!!!

This week's Tommy-Hog, however, has been not me but my Beebs. Just look at this series!

In Tommy's bed first thing in the morning:

In the bathroom:

On the sofa in the evening:

Did you notice the patch of lighter coloured fur on his side? Yes, the silly boy singed himself. Just the fur, though. No burn.

Sei-Chan has been doing her usual stuff, snuggling with Tommy...

... and #1's hair...

And here are Sei-Chan and My Beebs in a joint effort on #1's bed, with her in the midle. We have no idea why she says that sometimes it feels like she's sleeping in a sarcophagus!

No snuggle pics of Genji this week. He has developed a passion for wildlife shows on TV. Here he is pretending to be one of "them"

The Vs have done well this week, though! Here is #1 with Vidock:

And with Violette:

Sorry that last one is a bit out of focus. It was in taken in the stable and #1 didn't want to use the flash.

Oh, and remember our friend Suzette who moved to her new home in Normandy recently? She has a new BFF!

Wishing you all many snuggles this Sunday!


  1. Oh what a snuggle Sunday you are all having. So good to see the two V's also and Suzette as well.

  2. Looks like some good snuggling going in your house. The V's look great too. Hope all of you have a great day and hope #1 keeps on feeling better.

  3. Could you let me know what kind of fencing is holding your big kids in? I'd be interested to know.

    Love the snuggly shots!


  4. Singed... Yes, the reason we no longer have candles. Many's the time Grayson's tail furs ventured too close to the flame and Momm had to grab it from the base and run her clenched hand UP his tail to douse it! Oy.

    Have a super snuggly day, everybuddy!

  5. We just LOVE all your kritters!

  6. Fabulous snuggly pictures again today. Love the one with the tv as that is my love too and on my blog today.. Stay snug.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. awww, those snuggles have left us feeling all warm and happy! Purrs for #1's sciatica to go away, soon.

  8. This almost makes me wish I had one of those Tommys!

  9. Between Binga and Boodie, my human often finds herself sleeping in the sarcophagus pose too! Sometimes I add the final touch by sleeping right on top of her!

  10. That Tommy sure is a snuggle magnet for all the kitties.


  11. We are snuggling too. It got cold again.

  12. Oh the woman got all squeey with the Beebs making biscuits near Tommy!

  13. you are a bunh of snugglesbugs
    Benny & Lily

  14. Thanks everso for your visits to our bloggie! We are trying to get Teri to be better about letting us visit our friends, today we are catching up a little.

    We love the horsey pix and can see how muddy it is where you live!

    Teri laffed at the sarcophagus comment cuz we do the same thing to her where she says she can't even rise up from the tomb cuz of us!

    We think Beeb's red furs are just stunning and we know that Tommy appurrciates all the licks and massages he gets from you kitties!

  15. Poor Beebs! Singed! Thank goodness it was only fur.
    Maybe if we all come over Genji wil want to snuggle.
    Love to all.

  16. Great snugglefest!!!!!!!!!
    You all look very happy and content and that makes us all smile :)
    We love SoS!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  17. Great job with THOSE paws Tommy!

    Now, to teach woo some khat 'skills'


  18. These are some really good snuggles! I think you guys are experts! I have been taking very good notes and i think it working because one of my kitties is starting to snuggle with me!! Just a little, but it's so exciting :)

  19. Tommy sure is well cuddled by yous guys (so is 31) Viloette looks marvelous and we is glad that #1 is feeling better. It has been rotten here this week weather wise too. Too clod for Kozmo to goes outside much so hes been a real pest!

  20. Sunday is almost over for us, but we did get here in time for those snuggle pics we love! Hope all of you have a great week.

    Pee Ess - Beebs, be careful! We hate the thought of your most luxurious furs being singed.

  21. Finally san is visiting. We have been telling her we want to see the snuggles and so FINALLY! We think the weather doesn't matter when you can snuggle so close wif each offur. I try to snuggle wif my sisfur but san keeps telling me off!



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