Sunday, 6 January 2013

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Well, we survived yesterday and although #1 did not get home earlier than planned, she did return exactly when she said she would. Tommy also did well over at Damia's and we were all pleased to be together again yesterday evening. #1 had a good time and she did drive past the chateau in Versailles although her lunch was in a more modest family home!

Our snuggle offerings are once again not quite complete this week, but we do have something interesting. Genji has long loved hanging out with Tommy but there has never been major snuggling until this week:

It looks like Genji makes an excellent pillow for Tommy and Tommy does a great job of warming Genji's toes!

In other news, I have been snuggling with Tommy:

And Sei-Chan has been re-exploring her love of #1's curly hair!

And of course snuggling with Tommy!

And here is a leftover pic from New Year's with Fernant demanding cuddles:

Here is a cute picture of Vidock sharing a cuddle with his 8-month old friend, filly Chimay. She just adores him and went under the fence to be with him. They were not left together long as he is, after all, a stallion, and she is just a little girl, but long enough for a bit of snuggling!

No snuggle pics for the Beebs today for which he sends apologies and promises to do better next week. As for Violette, it's been hard for #1 to actually get to her because of all the mud, but she is coming in for a nice grooming session early in the week, so we will take pics. In the meantime, here she is with some of her pals:


  1. Tommy, just wanna warn you. Using kitty butt as a pillow..that's very dangerous spot...tee...heh
    Do you know my name is MR. poot ?...that's the hint !

  2. Oh everyone looks so warm and snuggly.

    I haven't discovered the fun of exploring mom's hair yet but I think I will after seeing this today!

    Vidock and Violette look like they are having a good day and Chimay could not have picked a better mentor. However, a snuggle once in a while is nice. Vidock remembered his manners. xxoo

  3. Oh, Grayson LOVES to get up on the back of my recliner and bite my hair... what is up with that?

    Enjoy your Sunday, everybuddy!

  4. Looks like everyone is getting in some great snuggling there. Too cute that little girl falling for Vidock.Hope everyone has a super Sunday.

  5. Wish you all a pawsome snuggle sunday :)

  6. Nice snuggles today. I especially like the Tommy-Gengi combo and how it is mutually beneficial. That filly is too cute going to visit Big V in his pasture.


  7. Tommy, I gotta tell you, I have always admired your life with all your kitties and horses and such, however, I am a little concerned that you are so completely trusting. Yes, I wish I had Kitties like you have, but still.....they are kitties.....know what I mean.


  8. It's nice to see almost everybody today! I am sure Bibi will make up for lost time. ;-)

  9. You always have the greatest snuggle pictures. We just love all your animals too - horsies, kitties and very tolerant Doggie!

  10. Those are some great snuggles.

  11. Tommy's delightful snugglability won out over Genji's uncertainty, as we always knew it would. They are so cute together.
    One of our late brothers went through a phase where he loved to chew mum's hair. For a while, she used to have to wear one of those little bonnets old ladies wear to cover their curlers. He stopped as quickly as his obsession began.

  12. we think it is so hilarious when we see pictures of you guys snuggling with Tommy
    Benny & Lily

  13. I just love all the snuggling! I am very glad that Genji has decided to snuggle with Tommy too -- he sure does have a lot of kitties to cuddle with now!

  14. Snuggle time indeed. Isn't amazing how those little foals get into the wrong spot. Just by ducking under a fence.

  15. We also love Snuggle Sunday with the Poupounette !!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie

  16. Tommy looks like a very snugglelicious woofie.

  17. Your place is always so sweet, warm and snuggly. We would like to try out #1 curls as our mom has such straight hair. They look so bouncy and warm. How cute a little filly has a crush on Vidock!

    Thanks for all you comments when our mom was sick! We hope you have a great New Year!

  18. You guys are the best! Violette looks happy and boy Vidock's little lady is little!

  19. Such cute cuddly pictures!
    Star is a hair addict too, it's so funny to feel a cat digging into your hair, isnt it!

  20. Nobody, be they cat, dog, or human can resist Tommy, professional snuggler, forever.


  21. I wish Khamp Khyra was khlose enough fur woo to attend Tommy!

    We need to deprogramme that khat 'snuggling' button!

    PeeEssWoo: I tried to 'snuggle' with one Sunday morning - some khytty's heartrate went a racin'

  22. Oh so nice .Oscar want also like mine hare but to nibble on it bits a very nice picture


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