Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Dear Friends, this weather is simply not acceptable. It is grey, windy, rainy and COLD. I mean the maximum temperature is forecast at 8C (that is 46F!). What kind of an April is this? None of us could summon the energy to get out of bed this morning.

First, I decided to warm #1's desk chair for her:

Then I tried the hammock for a while:

And then, I thought I would spend some time checking out the supplies in our cellar and then do my Cerberus impersonation. What do you think?

Ultimately, though, there is only one solution when the weather is like this:


  1. It was very kind of you to share your warmth with #1 by getting her chair ready. Did you remember to get out of the way before #1 sat down? We only ask because Lishy isn't always that clever...

    p.s. We loved Violette's snuggle photo from the other day. She looks like a very happy lady to be part of the Gang :) And it was special to see lovely Sen-Chan again <3

  2. We are in the same weather as you when Lucy jumped up on the fence earlier there was a great gust of wind and we thought she was going to go flying through the air but fortunately she'd dug her claws in!
    It is going to be wet and windy all week in the UK so it will all be coming your way.
    We thought you were shouting #1 to get you a bottle opened Tama-Chan!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Tama Chan, you look SO good as you go about making #1 more comfrtable and checking on the household as you make your way through the day. And your inpersonation is superb, just as I would expect it to be.


  4. It's even COLDER here!
    I've got my laptop under the covers with me so I don't even have to reach my paw out into the cold air to visit my friends. ; ) Katie

  5. I'd rather have cold than hot -- it was 82F here yesterday (nearly 28C), which is equally ridiculous for this time of year! Thank heaven for tile floors so the household critters could at least fine a few cool places to lie in the house.

  6. Yep I think that is all you can do when the weather isn't cooperating. Now where is the sun here?

  7. I hear the cold is back here and there. It is a very weird April. Your cellar looks nice and I love your Cerberus impersonation :-)

  8. Tama-chama, you have the right idea! The cellar looks intriguing.

    9, Chani and Sheamus Popoki

  9. The weather is weird all over - it's cold in your part of France, and I just saw in another blog that it was over 90 degrees F in New Hampshire! Meanwhile, we are having a pretty typical April in Los Angeles - some rain some warmth and mostly sun!

  10. We're amazed that #1 ever leaves the house with all that grape juice in the cellar! heh heh.
    We'll try to send some warm weather your way...

    ::fans tails::

  11. We're having much the same here, and we are doing much the same thing! Let's hope the weather warms up soon.


  12. Sounds like pawesome temps to us!

    Of khourse, Mom started drooling ovfur The AGJ!

    PeeEssWoo: It is khurrently 22 or so here - khome on ovFUR Tommy!

  13. We has been cold here too! Funny weathers! Me is sleeping too!

  14. Oh my, it was 83F in New England today. Weather sure is funny... Probably cold here tomorrow and warm for you guys. Go figure! That's Spring for you...

    Lizzie & 3 kitties

  15. Tama-Chan, our weather has been cool too! And that means we can't have our windows opened. Hopefully, your weather will get better soon.

  16. Tama-Chan, we have been having a few beautiful days here, so maybe we can push some of it across the big pond along to you. At least you found a cozy and warm spot to rest.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  17. Our weather is cool too, we get one nice day, then cool and bleck.

  18. That weather is simply unacceptable. It is absolutely not fit fur anything but snoozing. Mebbe #1 would enjoy taking stock of the supplies in the cellar....

  19. The weather here is unacceptable too! Mom said it was 37 degrees this mornning...and now this evening it's raining. Sigh. Good thing we've got lots of fleece blankies.

  20. We will have to send you some 80 degrees days
    Benny & Lily

  21. Well poor Mummy2Legs and I have been scored in sun, swamped in snow ans drenched in torrential downpours of rain for the last 2 weeks or so - and we are told there is a water ban/drought here in Yorkshire! Our family Cat, Daphne, has even been sleeping indoors (would you believe in my bed sometimes - I let her out of the kindness of my heart for a lady, that and cos she has sharp claws!!) she's been doing this day and night you know - it is simply not on I say, not on!!! (Barnie x)


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