Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Tama-Chan Tuesday

It's nice to get my Tuesday back! We are still enjoying lovely weather although it is colder and there was a frost last night! Still, we enjoy being in and out of the run, and have I ever mentioned that I love al fresco dining? #1 knows this and so, whenever possible, she serves me outside!

When I am not out in the run, I like to bask in the sun. #1 tells me the colour of this blankie suits me particularly!

It's also fun to sit by the window in the kitchen:

Although, like anyone, I enjoy a bit of rug roaching on occasion!

Aaaah! That was most pleasant!

In other news, we are awaiting delivery of our new iMac. In the meantime, #1 is working on the Mac Book Pro and finding the screen far too small! She is also pondering sending off the dead iMac for data retrieval which would be a rather costly affair. But the fault is a mechanical one and therefore beyond common mortals to deal with.


  1. I have been using Carbonite for several years now. It is an online data backup starting at $59 a year. This plan doesn't backup your software, only photos, files and data. They just came out with a new program, Mirror Image, which also backs up your operating system and programs starting at $99 a year.

    I've bought 3 computers since having Carbonite... easiest setup ever transferring all my files. It does it all for you in the background when the computer is idle. You can also access your file from anywhere or restore a file that's been corrupted or accidentally deleted.

    There are other "Cloud backups" out there, too, if this is something that might interest you. I would not be without it!

  2. Tasty!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Time to taunt Tama Chat ;-) AND please pass along our 'support' to #1 for the 'issues' - my mom would be twitching!

  3. Tama-Chan we are envious of your sunshine today - it has just started to rain here and we have been told we may have snow tomorrow!! It was 70 degrees here at the weekend and 48 degrees today!
    I back up my pictures onto a disc each week and store them one months worth per disc. I also back up all computer data through digital media home each week - 1 use 2 discs on an alternate basis so if anything goes wrong I'm only losing a week's data. The blogs are backed up on Mr Blogger weekly back into blogger.
    Hannah and Lucy usually snooze through all this but we I'm sure the Beebs would be of great assistance to you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. #1 here. I thought I would mention that my photo album(46,000+ photos) was not on the hard disk that died. It was on an external disk and also on my Mac Book, so it is safe!!!

    I also keep the memory cards once they are full, as it costs little to buy new ones, so there is a further back-up there.

  5. You are indeed glowing in the sunshine, Tama-Chan - you look magnificent.
    We don't get computers - just so long as they work for us, that's ok. When they don't, Äiti is in an awful mood. ANd than we hide.

  6. You look magnificently cat-like Tama_chan. We just love the first pic. Your Tuesday must be nice and warm. Ours is very hot and there was a storm most of yesterday. You are very lucky.

    the amigos and san

  7. Your sunshine is just beautiful!
    How exciting! a new iMac!!!
    Glogirly has one, but she still prefers her tiny little Macbook Air. Probably because *I* won't sit on her lap.
    ; ) Katie

  8. That kind of dining sounds worth a try
    Benny & Lily

  9. You do look wonderful in the sun. Good luck with your old iMac. Fortunately the Male has all our stuff backing up automatically at home on our own external hard drive.

  10. Hello furriends!!! We have missed so much goings on over in France!!

    Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Genji!!!

    Looks like Spring has sprung and the run is open for business!

    Goldie,Shade and Banshee

  11. Tama-Chan, you really know how to make the most of everything that is in your path. We love the last pose with your paws together adn that interesting look on your face.

  12. You look gorgeous on that blankie and your mum is right it is your colour. We had beautiful weather last week and now it is realy cold with snow forcast tonight. yikes I hope not.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. I never heard that referred to as "rug roaching" - I like doing that almost as much as I like sun basking!

  14. Tama-Chan, we enjoyed seeing you rug roaching!

  15. It looks glorious there! Our weather has been so spotty (pun intended!).

  16. Tama-Chan you look lovely basking in your sun puddle! Yep the colours of your blanket definitely suit you!
    Have a great day
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  17. Lovely photos!

    We hope all your computer problems get sorted soon! Glad to hear that your photos are all safe!

    take care
    Clive & Murray

  18. Such an elegant lady! Your blankie brings out the red in your lovely fur. If only it were possible for us mere mortals to attain such effortless beauty.......sigh.

  19. Tama, you positively glow in the spring light. Hope #1 gets all the computer stuff sorted. It's such a headache.

    We were wondering if you've heard from Angus lately. Know he and and his family have lots going on but miss them...

    Lizzie & 3 kitties


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