Sunday, 8 April 2012

Seriously Relieved on Sunday!

here. We had quite an afternoon and night of it here. The Beebs managed to do a "Houbibi" at 4pm yesterday. The last daylight sighting of him was at 6pm and then he seemed to vanish. No sign of him at all. Before he disappeared, he behaved like a real wild cat every time I got close, snarling, spitting and screaming, and I got some bad scratch marks on my hand before I opted for the heavy gloves. Anyway, Tommy and I caught sight of him at 11:30pm but there was no way to catch him. So, it was a sad Gang that went to bed last night. I got up at first light this morning and there he was, sitting on the armchair at the back of the garage that is there in case a passing kitty needs a rest. He seemed so happy to see me!

We celebrated with a large serving of tuna and his favourite ham-flavoured Laughing Cow cheese cubes, and he is now curled up in his favourite bed. Phew! Oh, and Mama-Tama gave him a serious hissing when he got back!

Anyway, instead of our usual SoS post, we have a couple of family pictures depicting little Eve's (my grand-niece) visit to Violette and Vidock.

Violette as very keen to give kisses:

And "Big V" just looked handsome!


  1. Wow, what a stressful night you had! I know if any of us went AWOL like that, my human would probably have gotten no sleep whatsoever. I'm just relieved that Bibi is back where he belongs.

  2. Oh thank Heavens! After a relieved snuggle I would also be giving BiBi a good hissing! Naughty no-no!, Bibi!

    Little Evie is a doll baby! And Violette seems quite taken with her!

    Happy Sunday, friends!

  3. While we wish to applaud Houbibi's obvious skill, courage and mancatliness, we also know he has been very naughty and put you all through major stress. We hope he feels suitably chastened and will not do this again!

  4. Beautiful post!
    Happy Easter!


  5. Too bad you didn't have the cat cam on his head. Sounds like he had a big adventure planned. Glad he is home safe and sound.


  6. Oh my goodness..that is a frightening thing. Before my cats became indoor only I had that sort of thing happen several times. It is a horrible feeling to lose sight of them and even more sp when they "fight" like that. One wonders what on earth got into him to snarl and spit like that? No way of knowing. Thank goodness he is back and in his home.

  7. Me too think it´s to bad he didin´t have a catcam on his head , would have been fun to see what he was up to the hours he was gone.
    GLAD that he came home in one piece !

  8. We are glad Houbibi came home safely. He looked mighty pleased with himself :)

    Once our bruffer decided to walk out and san spent an hour looking for him. But that was not as worrying a whole night!

    the amigos

  9. Thank Goodness Beebs is home! What a horrible feeling to have one of the little ones missing! What ever caused his mood? Your kind and thoughtful act of placing a comfortable chair for weary kitties has been honoured. The scent of other kitties on the chair probably attracted Beebs to a safe place to spend the night. We give thanks for a happy ending.
    Adorable Eve isn't at all afraid if the horses is she. A sign of things to come? A very joyous Easter to all.

  10. I still think he needs to spend time at Khamp Khyra -

    Of khourse, we were furry skhared when we furst saw the FB post on Saturday - Mom kept thinking of how anxious all of woo must have been as she drove home from The GKP -

    We slept sooooo much better knowing your little SiberianWannaBee had khome home!

    PeeEssWoo: Oh Tommy - why do those chats do those choses?

  11. That must have been so scary. Tommy needs to teach the Beebs how to come when called! We love the picture of Violette. She looks so gentle.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  12. Wowwie! Beebs! That is a very Cat From Hell thing to do! Me has done it a couple of times and me can tell yous that it means very little outside time for a while.

  13. Ai Yi Yi!!! Bibi, you are only supposed to escape for a few MINUTES, do you hear me!?! Just enough to show 'em who's boss. ~The Baby

    Violette certainly is looking better, and Vidock is handsome as well.

    Happy Easter from all of us at the Katnip Lounge! *smoochies* to all of you and Maui sends whisker kissies to Sei-Chan...

  14. Oh Bibi, you were a little bit bad! I am glad you are safely home. Happy Easter!

  15. That must have been very very scary!
    Hoppy Easter every bunny
    Benny & Lily

  16. Beebs--I think you need a good talking to about how you treat your family when you are out exploring!

  17. Hey, can't do stuff like that!! You make everyone else crazy with worry.

    Now let's talk about those Laughing Cow ham flavored cheese...we don't have that here!! Or at least our mom doesn't recall seeing ham flavored. She's gonna check for it next time she's shopping.

  18. Goodness, what a scary night you all had. Very glad that Bibi was outside safe and sound this morning.

    Hope the rest of your Easter is very uneventful!

    take care
    Clive & Co

  19. You tell him, Miss Tama!! Inside is where he belongs!

  20. HAPPY EASTER !!!!!
    Oh Beebs!! That was not smart.
    Must be something in the air getting lots of kitties all wound up.
    Mama Tama told you off,heehee
    Baby Eve is so pretty and we bet she loved Violette and Vodock!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  21. It is good to hear that Bibi is safe and back home. Perhaps he heard what our Blaise sometimes hears in the spring time - "the call of the wild". Blaise yowls very loudly and acts crazy like climbing on to the garage roof, leaping to the house roof then running out to the back into the neighborhood. He then stays out all night and only comes in about 4am (we have a cat door). Like Bibi though, he is back to his usual sweet self the next morning on our bed.

  22. Mom read this on her Facebook page and was so happy he came back home. Must have been so scary.

    Happy Easter!

  23. We are happy that Bibi came home so that you could have a Happy Easter together.

  24. We are very happy that Bibi-Chan is so smart and knew right where to be in the morning. And we are happy for all of you that he is home safely. And we are happy that Tama-Chan gave him a good reprimand!

    Vidock and Violette are gorgeous as usual.

  25. So pleased The Beebs is back safe and
    sound. everyone but him must have had a stressful night!
    Little Eve looks so tiny next to V & V.
    Happy Easter
    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  26. That Bibi is getting out of hand. You all must have been worried sick!
    On her last outing Chilli lost her collar again, so she might not be allowed outside 'til mom gets her a new one.
    We do love the pictures of #1, her nephew and her grand-niece. Eve looks very impressed by Violette.

    Happy Easter to you!

    Siena Snowfox


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