Monday, 23 April 2012

Manly Monday

Tom: The weather continues both peculiar and annoying. Within a single hour, we can have everything from hail to glorious sunshine and back. It's crazy, and #1 has been bundling up and wearing her woolly hat! Anyway, it has not stopped me having a good time! The other day, I spent a pleasant moment with my very curly friend, Lola:

They have just moved and are still "under construction."

I also went on a horse viewing adventure with #1 and found a pond to paddle in:

And I hung out with my bro Vidock as well!

But Vidock mostly seems to prefer Big Tom's company...

Maybe Big Tom gives him advice about girls

Vidock said he just had to share this photo of his Dad, Orgueil, looking very manly...!


As for those two pussycat bros of mine, The Beebs continues to look for opportunities to escape but has been foiled by #1 so far!

And Genji continues to practice his manly look!

And that is our Manly Monday for you. We hope you enjoyed it!


  1. You weather is following the same pattern as ours and Tommy found a pond to paddle in along with a few puddles we think. Mum says she was delighted not to have had to groom Orgueil after his roll in the dirt!
    We think The Beebs and Genji did best being inside in the dry.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Beebs - ME has some excape ideas for you!!! - hee hee hee - Billy

  3. Your horsie bros are gorgeous and Vidock's daddy a treat to see as are all your Beebs. AND you, xoxoxox

  4. All very manly. You're good at showing us how it's done.


  5. What a manly day with all of you! What does Vidock think of all that wild weather?

  6. I'm still amazed by that photo of Orgueil - he looks like he is trying to imitate a kitty!

  7. I did enjoy your post very much.. Just look at the enjoyment rolling in the mud.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. Our weather has been crazy too! We loved seeing Orguiel rolling around! Haha!

  9. What a great Manly Monday. Me is so happy that me is back in time to see all you Manly guys! Yous is all so handsome!
    Thanks yous for your purrs. me is feeling better.

  10. That is a big tummy that wants to be run.

  11. We are swooning from an overdose of testosterone! {{klunk}}

    The Girls at Twinkletoes

  12. that horsie is so silly
    Benny & Lily


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